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Hello there! I have been looking and searching for a guild that embraces the spirit of adventure and exploring of late, but have been unable to find anything that fit the bill. In short, an RP guild with the main theme of traveling around Azeroth in search of hidden temples, lost civilizations, ancient near extinct plants; that kinda thing! Think, something inspired by the Explorers League or any popular action/adventurey movie/book like Indiana Jones.

There is a lot of appeal in this kind of RP for me, but I know that it very heavily relies on a creative GM, so if there is any guild like this I would be more than willing to pitch in myself and organize things! :grinning:
And before y’all ask why I am not making a guild from the ground up myself, I simply do not have that much time to dedicate to it, unfortunately.
Hopefully someone knows something that fits the bill of what I am looking for.


Hello there friend!

If you’re seeking Dwarven fun, adventure and mystery as you explore the world (of Warcraft), then the Morodnir Dwarves may be right up your street!


I can make a vote of confidence for these two guilds, both of which I’ve roleplayed with and respect their founders:

The Wayfinders are more about adventuring and righting wrongs, and the Stray Embers are more about collecting artifacts.

And I second Hruroth’s recommendation for Dwarves of the Morodnir, they’re fun folk!


Oh yes, that looks like a great fit! But I do have some reservations about if my character would fit; he is a “mixed” dwarf in terms of clan, but leans more on the wildhammer side, adamantly neutral regarding faction conflict and is all in all a pretty odd dwarf. (Wthout the mandatory bootleg scottish accent either - I know, heresy.)

Would that still fit the guild, or geneunily be too out of place?

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That should be fine!

We dont tend to get involved in faction conflict unless in active self defence, nobody will judge you on accent and if any Dwarf questions your clan heritage (its always the wildhammers…) I’ll turn them into a sheep and yeet them off Ironforge peak.


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I see! Well, in that case… I reckon I’ll join the guild some time in the new year, because it sounds very compelling! :slight_smile:

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Not to shoot my own guild in the foot, but you should absolutely 100% shop around and check multiple guilds out! Including the others mentioned above.

You should be looking for friends over a guild tag afterall!

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