Explore the Updates Arriving with the Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch

You left out probably the most useful info, as the rest of that is generally already known.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Even pies don’t like being threatened.


Why am I not able to flag this for clickbait? :thinking:

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I can’t say I’m in a rush. I rather have them do it right or at the very least close to it.

I’m sure that the community is behind me when I describe OP as trolling.

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It could but it’s been a constant since what, wrath? So no real reason to think it would be an exception this time around either.

This is getting a little stupid now, most of us just want the new levelling stuff and customizations.
Surely you can work the other bugs out by launch.


Would like to explore the pre-patch release date!

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Two more weeks from this reset seems increasingly likely, given their usual 2 week notice pattern with PvP seasons. Then again - they’ve usually been more specific about that in the past. All we got this time was “soon” as the estimate.

That would leave us with three weeks which is quite short though given the event’s scale.
I’d be quite salty if I tried for one of the Northrend raredrops and didn’t get it because of RNG and too little time.


30-9-2020 as prepatch date or?

Unfortunately all signs are currently pointing to 07.10. instead.

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What about the RAF change, I’ve recruited a friend last month. Instead of giving me a new 30 slot bag, which is not that big of a deal, you remove the official 1 year long experience bonus for me and my friend in the old world’s? I don’t want the buff after hitting 50, but what about the prior part? All gone?

I have an unused boost to level 110. Please help me understand: if I use it now my character will become 110 and after the pre-patch it changes to level 45.
If I use it after the pre-patch is released, my new character will become level 48.
Am I right or did I miss something?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You wont get it. As it stands:

  • Characters must be within 4 levels of each other and below level 110.

I imagine that will change to 50.

Thats right. Better save to after pre-patch.

I hope you guys thought about how to deal with advertising in /new player channel.

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I wouldn’t have thought it would be worth their while to even risk it. The mentor channel only lasts up to level 20.

However I do hope any spamming will be swifty acted against when reported.

Those guide system requirements are disappointing. I have no intention of ever touching BfA ever again. I am an old player returning from my hiatus. I would like to help new players as a guide. What about us?

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the system has changed since you were gone. How can you help new player if you havent tried the new one? i mean the end content

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