Extremely odd freezes after the latest SoD patch

After the patch that released in in feb. 21st for Season of Discovery I started to have an extremely weird issue of my game completely freezing and not responding for 5-30seconds (sometimes even longer) whenever I mouseover the chat window in game (or at least that is what seems to cause it most often). Naturally I first tried both updating my addons and disabling them; no change. Then I tried deleting the cache folder which did nothing either. As a last ditch effort I updated my GPU drivers but that had no effect either. I am at a complete loss what could be causing this and it happens so frequently I am basically unable to do anything in game

There was another report of what you describe a couple days back and was confirmed to be addon related.

weird, I tried disabling all of my addons but I’ll download the addons recommended there and see if they catch anything. Will report back tomorrow after I’ve had time to test

If you have Rested XP guides installed, remove that stuff. I had an old outdated version wich seams to have been the problem (at least for me). I dont even know why i had it since i normally just dungeongrind

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