Führer Yrel

Hellscream dies at the Mag’har race unlock questline - Help me remember please. Did he accomplish anything other than aiding mag’har escaping into Azeroth? Did we abandon Draenor completely?

I don’t want to make this a complaint thread because I actually have faith that Yrel will be a source of content in the future, but I’m curious. Is all of Draenor a authoritarian regime now with Yrel at the helmet? Also how do these lightforged relate to our lightforged. Are ours the good ones and hers the scarlet crusade equivalent ?

I’m a huge proponent of reinforcing the old content with new stuff, so as much as it may send shivers down people’s spine, a WoD 2.0 wouldn’t actually be bad imo.

What would you guys like to see with this pocket of lore that still awaits being dealt with?

Hellscream only bought time, we abandoned it compeletely. We don’t even really have a way back, we needed to bother time dragon magic stuff to get there for that quest chain anyways, which is why decades passed on Dreanor between WoD and the quests. As it is right now, there is neither reason nor ability to go back there, nor is there a good reason for AU Yrel to visit us, and anything that could bring one there or back would be timey-wimey.

They haven’t really set up an obvious way for Yrel to become relevant.

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The common problem with alternate timelines. She’ll obviously care about her own more than ours.

Or, more likely, they’ll invent some contrived reason why she doesn’t, when they want to put her in. Sooner or later an “evil Light” storyline is certainly coming, and I can’t imagine them not using her for that, nor can I see them caring about it making no sense.

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Wimbert, don’t give them ideas!

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Are you guys done rubbing each other :smiley: I would in fact love an opportunity for us to revisit AU Draenor.

Whatever needs to be done to make this a reality, can’t be more contrived than yet another earthshaking revelation that originated exactly 10.000 years ago.

i.e. Dracthyr

Actually, the Dracthyr-stuff was a lot more than 10k years ago. I’m not arguning that it wasn’t contrived (because it wasn’t set up at all, when it easily could have been, and the “hidden in the mists”-thing was already stupid, when they did it for MoP), but they are really using a time in Azeroth’s history that wasn’t expanded on before. Considering the glaring holes in Azeroth’s history, that’s not a bad thing by itself.

But more importantly… I don’t really think “they’ve done worse” is ever an argument that helps to make things better. There are a lot ideas that are worse than making some excuse to go back to Draenor. That doesn’t make it a good idea.

I doubt this revelation could be anything greater. The primalists have no connection to the higher cosmic forces and the only logical step with the next greater big bad would be the void lords.

I agree it’s not a good argument to bring about something “because they’ve done worse”.
Weren’t the dracthyr imprisoned for 10k years? That’s what I’m referring to.

Anyway, I don’t think there needs to be a lot of emphasis on a reason for bringing something about and the dracthyr are an example of that. I’m more concerned with the plethora of options it opens up for and Draenor is arguably the second most developed area of WoW given that it had all that context from TBC and in general, the back-drop of Orcs (and by extension, Draenei).

Obviously I’m biased because Orcs are my favorite race in the game, nonetheless I believe that it would be a compelling setting to revisit. To hell with any potential contrivances to make it happen, I say.

In general, I would much rather that they began exploring established settings instead of adding more plots of land/dimensions and so forth.

Just today I was on the zeppelin and the world map of azeroth, full on display, looks like a carousel ride (because of all the added islands) rather than the beautifully aesthetic world map from Classic/Warcraft.

Since you’re fond of face value consideration, I don’t mean to say we need to design content around a beautiful map, it’s just to reinforce my point of how it’d be ideal to work on already existing areas a la Cataclysm revamp.

I fully agree. Well… mostly. Cata was a bit of an example of how not to do it, with the rush job it did to so many zones, and the way it was pretty much outdated as soon as you quested through it, instead of a timeless introduction to the zones and their mysteries. That can be fine, but for leveling that’s just confusing.

But I fully agree with adding new stories to old zones whenever possible.

Nope, that happened shortly after the war against the Incarnates, so more like 20k years ago.

Sure, they are an example, I just don’t see them as one to emulate…

I do not want to fight Yrel and some “Light” army . I think this would make one hell of a cringe plot , just like original WoD . Hellscream bad , Hellscream attacks , We have to stop Hellscream >>> One patch later >>> Hail Hellscream savior of the planet ???

Light / Nature / elements should be good and that is that . It heals , it saves and helps . And than you have necromancy / void /fel , which corrupts and kill . Simple and easy to understand . You can put some mortal interactions here which can make anything good or bad and that is fine , but please stop with this American 50 shades of Gray crap . There is good , there is bad , and than there are stupid people. Period . When you have gray , you can say “yea everything is good” , but frankly that means that everything is crap also . In the end you get just bland , tasteless mass of more of the same . No thanks .

Also as talked in another thread on this forum .
I would like to revisit Draenor / Outland , but to explore the orc history . The ogre . The draenei . The different planet stuff .

I do not want a Light crusade in that story , so if they retcon /forget the whole plot with the maghar orcs and Yrel that would be great .

So, we want the same thing. I don’t care particularly for Yrel either, but what they’ve written in there is impossible to ignore, should we actually return there.

For all I care, I’d be fine with them writing implications that she is in fact manipulated by the void hence her Scarlet Crusade-esque zeal that ignores all morality and ethics.

Written does not mean sh*t in this company story telling . We had Medan and he was “written” off . Just say that bronze dragons screwed up and pointed the portal to wrong dimension and forget about it .

Med’an the halfbreed ?

From Wowpedia

At BlizzCon 2016, [Alex Afrasiabi stated that “Med’an as Guardian isn’t considered canon in Warcraft lore, which is why in the last five years you haven’t seen a reference to him

Nobody cares about Med’an, if anything there are indications that they were kind of embarrassed over that character. Yrel has real roots in WoW and is a cannonical character. Not comparable at all.

I am not sayin to write off Yrel . I am saying write off the maghar questline as an “oopsie” .
Than we go back to WoD just after we defeated the legion and go from there .

Alternatively we do not go back to WoD at all but to Outland and figure out that it is still Draenor ( it is either whole , or we find different huge pieces of it) and completely forget the whole time travel shenanigan’s .

Or even better we do both because “more orcs” right :smiley:

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I’m all for this, yes!

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We need to return to Draenor and destroy Yrel and her fanatics for good.


To be honest I hate everything related to alternate universes because in this case it would imply an alternate Sargeras, an alternate pantheon, an alternate azeroth, etc which I believe “cheapens” the originals. I would forget about AU draenor all together.

What I think would be cool is if some super powerful Shaman (potentially jesus level power) tried to “revert” outland back into draenor. However the reversion wouldn’t fully heal it rather leave it somewhere in the middle between lush Draenor and desolate Outland and giving endless possibilities storywise (plus a much larger zone/area).

I whish it did, but WoW instead chose to just embrace the contradictions and told us that while there wer infinite universes, there is only one Legion, and the Archimonde on Draenor was the same Archimonde we defeated in Hyal. So yeah, it’s worse.

After Shadowlands I’ve personally just given up on having the cosmic lore make sense anyways, so I kinda don’t care anymore, and I’m willing to ignore all that stuff, if they aren’t rubbing it in my nose.


This is so stupid lol. If theres only one legion and only one Archimonde does it also mean theres only one Velen? Theres only one Argus?

As you say they’ve really messed up the cosmic lore so I wish they would just retcon most of it. Which they won’t of course so all we can do is ignore it.