Faction balance

How are the faction balance on the server. I see were few Alliance-players. And the Alliance i see are not keen to world-pvp. You either stand still until dead or run even if we are equal lvl.

World PVP as alliance is close to pointless, you are allways outnumbered 5 to 1. And i guess it wont get any better. People tend to give up and roll somewhere else when being outnumbered heavily.

I dont get that. I would do anything for the numbers being the other way around. I cant switch facton because i am a Shaman and that is what i love to play.

I always felt like World PvP is not about skill in any way. It’s about who has more friends to call when in trouble. Also the fact u have to walk 5 minutes when you die doesn’t help. I personally wait for phase 2 to start and go into BG’s


If talk about skill i would say somewhat that also count for PvP in battlegrounds. Totaly fair and only skill are when you go in with 2 teams with same mountspeed/equal gear etc. So fair are imo hard to get in a game like wow.
For me wpvp when it happens can be more fun. For me it’s not about griefing and camping. I always strive to fight equal strength (for me that is within honor range), and in same numbers. I some times jump 2 alliance at same time more to test my self. And for me that give the game another lvl.
Not to be rude but if PvP are only BG for me i would go a pve realm.

Horde talking about skill :smiley:
if its 1v1 horde does noting, allways waiting till you infight with atleast 2 mobs.
if you kill them on a questspot 2min later after there are done crying to mom… 1 or more lvl 60 arrvies to show there big skill while killing with an prebis char lvl 30 chars xD

so whats the point to get involved in world pvp atm?


Allready mentioned on my forum