Dreadmist population ratio

Dear members of Dreadmist realm I have decided to give you the numbers on the alliance side.

The Latest numbers for the 18.12.2019 are as follows:

60 levels only

%18 warrior
%10 paladin
%11 hunter
%14 rogue
%13 priest
%19 mage
%9 warlock
%8 druid

The horde ally ratio is around %57 horde, %43 ally


Seems Alliance heavy now, as I see. (Tried both sides.)

Whats the difference in percent?

yea we need someone from horde for that

I logged in the starting zones on both sides, and found that roughly 1/3 to 1/2 more was on the alliance starting zone. Which can be a result of horde are better at questing, so they left fast :slight_smile: Not a scientific method. I am really interested in the real results.

An other thing, that I did not see any other language chat than english, but found that many from Hungary not fit in the Golemagg server came here. (and some responses to “Szisztok balfékek!” on /1 :smiley: )

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Damn, thanks for checking though.

Horde here. There’s a lot of us, we were worried that there’s not enough alliance.



I believe one fellow alliance member took census of the server Saturday and ratio A:H was around 40:60, perhaps this has changed during weekend


I took a census when the realm was full, and it reported 6.6k Alliance side.

Dunno but enough to kick some Alliance as* :wink:

The report mentioned above reporting 44%A/:56%H Faction balance info for some realms

From my experience it seems horde heavy, but that might just be Stonetalon and Ashenvale. Maybe depends on layering too?

horde here - it’s hard to tell with the layering atm sometimes I feel like on an ally heavy server then other times there’s like 1 ally to 15 horde

By my calculations it’s about A41/H59

I would say the other way around. But thats pretty much it. Hard to know exact with layerings etc.

Its more Hordes than Allies, but doesnt matter cuz I keep killing them ezzzz in world pvp

Well i think we will know for sure after character transfers and the people that will stop playing the game because of difficulty. I’m not sure if they will close low populated realms…but for this one i don’t think will be the case…

Going off stv it’s about 20 horde to every alliance

The current ration is about %55 horde and %45 alliance
The ratio seems to be about %50 at lvl 60

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Sounds about right Lahmacun.
I actually really like this server seems like a good mix of nationalities. Though it can be quite annoying when going to Blackrock to do UBRS or something and you run in to a 40 man horde raid ZzzzzZZz… HellFire Clan does not shy away from some nice PVP, but the odds in those cases is not on our side haha :).

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Your numbers are way off atm.
The ream is bleeding alliance players .
Every major FP is horde owned and 50-60 is unplayable .

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