Faction Loyalty

  1. What Faction do you play/favor?
    I play Horde currently, but I favor the Alliance.

  2. Why do you play/favor that faction?
    I play Horde because I wanted to see their story compared to the Alliance.
    I favor the Alliance because, after playing it for about 14 years, you tend to get a sense of belonging.

  3. Do you dislike/hate the opposite faction?

  1. What Faction do you play?
  2. Why do you play/favor that faction?
    I am a Lotr fan and the game was similar to me. At the beginning I wanted to fight the evil Orcs ^^ after years and reading some books I’ve changed my mind. I started really to like Thrall and Baine. But the start of BfA brought me back at the same position … And I can’t play Horde since this :confused:
  3. Do you dislike/hate the opposite faction?
    I don’t hate the opposite Faction. I feel sorry for them. I hate what the actual expansion did to the Horde . It’s ruined.

(Brigante) #144

Didn’t take long, really, for the usual suspects and fans, to change it from “Why do you play your faction and other interesting questions” into “WHY IS ALLIANCE BEST! Why should Horde Players feel Bad!!! for their choice in a Video Game!!!”

Whats wrong with having no bias, or a slight bias, or a reason for the bias.

What is even wrong with talking about it like adults, instead of this weird “U.S.A, U.S.A” Cult that seems to be building up around some of the more extreme elements of the Alliance fanbase. I find that an abhorrent, racist, uneducated and just deeply unpleasant tendency. Why would you bring it here?

Could you not just answer the question, as so many considerate posters did before?

Every time. Every damned time. The usual Culprits.


What’s wrong with America? Without them we wouldn’t have democracy or Western Culture and we’d still all own slaves probably.

I don’t get the hate for a country based on the foundation of liberty. Liberties that not even the EU has.

Anyway, I think you should stop derailing this thread.

Alliance, of course.

I like to see American social values in a medieval setting. It’s something that’s not really done all that frequently.

No. They just need a little guidance. Their culture is restrictive and repressive, built upon racism and starting wars. They’re still people, they just need educating.


That’s the British who did most of the work cutting it down with treaties and the West Africa Squadron, matey.

(Däkär) #147

Says someone from a faction that gets its motto shouded left and right on every Blizzcon even by devs.

I’m not sure if I should laugh, cry or cringe at this statement. It’s a video game, how the hell you can be “racist” over some pixels?


Ignore Brigante, he enjoys derailing threads instead of growing a thicker skin.

I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of Horde players in this thread who support Baine, perhaps the situation was not as onesided as I thought.

(Leíá) #149

I’ve been listening to the One Republic Song “I lived” and some of the lines seems to hold a small reference to each Horde race.

Hope when you take that jump, you don’t fear the fall - Orcs/Mag’har
Hope when the water rise, you built a wall - Tauren/Highmountain
Hope when the crowd screams out, they’re screaming your name - Forsaken
Hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay - Trolls/Zandalari
Hope that you fall in love and it hurts so bad (Yeah)
The only way you can know You gave it all you had - Huojin Pandaren
And I hope that you don’t suffer but take the pain - Shal’dorei
Hope that you spend your days, but they all add up - Goblins
And when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup - Blood Elves

If we can start getting the forum thread a little bit more on track, that would be great…

(Araphant) #150

The funny thing is that this thread was quite cordial and polite, so the statement is definitely out of place. I opted for laughing, though.

(Brigante) #151

That was the Greeks, specifically the Athenians.

Mostly preserved by Monastery’s in Ireland during the ‘Dark Ages’

Most, if not all European nations had outlawed Slavery, at a time when the America’s were quite content to do so. In fact the Royal Navy sailed the waves, stopping such vile practice, and liberating slaves from America, long before that nation finally, after a civil war in the late 1800’s, allowed the Emancipation Proclamation. By Abraham Lincoln, and lest we forget “If I could save the Union by freeing no slaves, I would do so, if I could save the Union by freeing all slaves, I would do so, if I could save the Union by freeing some slaves and leaving the others alone, then I would do so”

Even as late as 1863, America did not give a hoot about civil rights.

It was actually based on the rights of US Colonials being able to charge their Fellow US Colonials more Tax on Tea, than the wicked old English, hence the Boston Tea Party.

A little education goes a long way…

I think that ship had already sailed, when instead of measured responses like my own, as one of the original ones, it turned into -Yet again- ‘Why the Alliance is Whoo Whoo, The best’ Instead of people answering the question posed by the OP coherently and in a polite fashion, as their question was posed.

There are no American social values in the Alliance, the closest you would get is -maybe- the Dwarves, they do have a Senate after all, but that is a Roman creation, not American. The only American values are the excessively jingoistic ones with no place in the game.

I wouldn’t expect them to listen, next we will hear that it was Varian Wrynn who stopped Slavery or something like that.

Umm…What? I’m not ‘from the Horde Faction’ You know this is a game, right? You can play both sides of it, as I indeed do. You get people a bit silly who main both or one only factions,

If you’re not sure, that means you do not know if it has resonance, if you thought it was stupid, you would laugh. You’d be sure of your viewpoint. If you thought you should cry? Why weep. Its Pixels? If you thought you should cower and feel awkwards about the statement, you would kind of be able to articulate why. If you are not sure which of three you ‘should’ be doing, then, that’s some very mixed messages you are giving out, not the least is that you ‘Should’ do any of them. ‘Speciesist’ is of course one word we could use, had we not just seen someone being racist above.

Boom! Bingo! ‘Thicker Skin!’ Actually, I was enjoying the OP’s original question, and reading some of the answers people of both factions gave, and then along you came, and turned it into the usual Daelinna show as to Why the Horde is Rubbish. You’d already answered the question as your character, but then you felt the need to keep correcting anyone who was not following your ‘party line’ as to how great the Alliance was, and How bad the Horde was, which showed a singular lack of respect to the OP’s actually interesting question.

This does amuse me, as you keep using some Boomer slang, yet never having the courage to explain it, which missing the point that I am 100% and always have been, Team Baine, and detest Sylvanas.

Why am I not surprised. Sure, we’ll let that stand.

Now can you actually answer the OP’s thread and remain civil, without turning it into some weird breast-beating contest?
I’m more interested in why characters think the way they do, rather than the usual weekend Horde-bashing thread, so if you -could- keep it on topic, awesome.

(Araphant) #152

I already replied with proper politeness, and I did not speak a single unkind word on this thread, even going as far as to accent that I sympathize with the position the Horde is in.

But do keep embarrassing yourself, I am sure someone will find this amusing.

(Brigante) #153

By ‘you’ I mean the collective ‘You’ not the singular. I was actually interested in your answer. I just didn’t like how quickly it turned into the Usual Horde-Bashing nonsense, with you-know-who as the usual ringleader.

(Leíá) #154

In all due respect, people get offended over anything these days, it’s little wonder why the Oxford Dictionary added the additional term to “snowflake.”
“Overly sensitive or offended person.”

They should have added “PC Zealots determined to silence debate and close minds.”

(Brigante) #155

Yeah, they added Emoji’s as well. I’m not that sure I can take them as a credible source of reference for actual language when some of the ‘words’ they add, are not ‘words’.

The thing is, this isn’t a ‘grow a thicker skin’ thing (Watch that become a term in next years revision of the OED) more sheer boredom at seeing it being trotted out constantly, we have so many clever tools for oratory, for expression, and yet we keep having internet discussions where people descend to the repetitive. The thing is, some of them make -ZERO- sense! Am I a snowflake? In the sense that I am Unique, and Special? Damned right I am. I bet none of y’all have the same job, the age, the educational experience or lack thereof, the birthplace, the lifes experiences that I do. Tough it out. I -am- a Snowflake. There is only one of me, and only ever will be. See how words can become silly with overuse?

(Araphant) #156

(Brigante) #157

Alright, I’ll give you that, that made me chuckle :smiley:

(Leíá) #158

Mate, at the rate we’re going, “grow thicker skin” will be the last thing we’ll see.
When somebody makes a chair that is supposed to stop “manspreading” and getting reams of applause, you know we’ve got years to go before a Conservative view point will be held in prominence.

But kudos for the OED living in the current times and seeing what’s happening.

(Brigante) #159

All it needs is a simple point of view. Argue, disagree, debate, just don’t be a douche, if you put your makeup back on a train seat and someone is standing, you are a douche(ette) (Yes I assumed their gender, so sue me) If you are Manspreading and stopping someone getting a seat, then you are a colossal douchecanoe, there is no need for it, I am male, I can sit without spreading my leags wide enough as if to entice amazon horddes of women to be enthralled by the size of my gonads, or presumed size at least. Could be water balloons in there. That’s just common decency by everyone. Chairs preventing it would actually make my life difficult due to my disability, but you know what, I’d suck it up. That’s just what you do, at times. There are things you can change, and things you can’t, but please by the Cruel passionless Gods of Space and Time, those Above and Below, tell me they did not invent such a chair…


…I think I understand the NPC-memes a bit better now.

(Leíá) #161

I consider handbag/bag-spreaders to be more rude and douche than actually getting a stranger to change his position
You needn’t even ask a man to change his sitting position. 99.9% of them will automatically change anyway. I can’t say the same for bag-spreaders.

Agree with this, but many times, people on the internet go into hyper defensive, “I’m offended” mode, when simply given a different idea on their beliefs.

And people wonder why I’m a British Trump and Farage supporter - this lark is the reason why.