Faction Loyalty

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True, I regularly carry a bag on a commute, and I won’t lie, I put it on the seat next to me, but if someone comes along and has no seat, it goes on my lap.

Anyway, lets get back on track, I’m quite keen to write some of my Alliance characters answers to those questions, as writing is very much my jam… Nice chatting as this was Leia.

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That’s Mrs Doctor, Professor Leia :triumph::wink:


If someone wants to sit, they can just ask. Being afraid to ask someone if you may sit there is irrational and stupid.

I move my bags as well when it becomes a bit busy in the bus/train, but I am not afraid to ask someone else to do the same.

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That’s an accurate summary of the alliance yes.

What values. Forced diversity and sjw propaganda from college campuses?

Greeks invented that thing.


Obviously RP answers, as all the non RP answers are going to be the same as 'Brigante’s

Nabaal does not really hate as such, however he does have ‘Views’ of varying severity.

He has nothing against Goblins, personally, he finds them greedy, and of vastly questionable morality, being a charitable soul perhaps their greed is because they lost everything when Kezan was destroyed, and need to make it up…Or perhaps they are just greedy little swines…

He has absolutely nothing against Tauren, and it pains him that they have to be enemies. Whilst he is devout in his faith in The Light, he can understand how a ‘primitive’ society, observing the sun and moons, may have attributed them to an ‘Earth Mother’ figure. With the recent knowledge that Azeroth is indeed a ‘She’, and a nascent Titan to boot, Nabaal has started to wonder if the Tauren were actually on to something, when they revered the ‘Earth Mother’

He is torn on Blood Elves. He saw the hideous excesses of the Sunfury in Outlands, He saw the Sunhawks (Not Brigante’s guild, honestly! We’re not that kind of Sun Hawk) and how they collaborated with Legion forces, He learned that they were the ones who had sabotaged the Exodar, killing many Draenei as it crashed to Azeroth. He had almost lost his Light then, heading to Shattrath, there to go forth with like minded Draenei and smash every blood elf skull he could find.
Then came Voren’thal the Seer, with his army of Blood Elves, later to be known as the Scryers. A’dal, the Naaru accepted them…and who was Nabaal to go against a Naaru’s judgment. He tried to understand the horrible wound that had led the Blood Elves to what they did, and once the Shattered Sun were formed, he volunteered. He fought alongside Blood ELves and learned that they are not -all- bad. Just some of them.

Trolls are harder to pin down. He understands the Darkspear are intelligent, and the Zandalari also, but he honestly sees the rest of the Troll tribes as little more than savage creatures of animal intellect that will attack without reason. If you are attacked by a wild animal, with no other recourse then…You Kill it.

Orcs can die under his righteous ire and the fury of one on Draenor when the atrocities started and it became Outlands. Rare is the Orc that he would spare. From his ‘View’ King Anasterian and King Greymane had the right idea. They should have put the Orcs to death, in as humane a fashion as could be. There would be, no Horde, and the world not riven by its wars.

Forsaken should be given mercy. That mercy is death. They should be allowed to -let- go. What was done to them was terrible, but then making that cycle of horror continue by expansionist invasions and slaughtering the living cannot be excused by the initial atrocity committed against the Forsaken. He grants them mercy, with his hammer, or sword, and the Light.
Once the Forsaken are all gone, he will assist the wayward souls on his own Faction, and assist those not able to let go, to let go, the Death Knights that is. And he will do it with Mercy and Love.

Huojin? He likes the fact they are jolly folk, and does not understand how they could have been inveigled into working with such a grim bunch as the Horde…


I think there is a big difference between ancient greek democracy and what we understand with “our democracy”.
But I am sure he wanted to say that without US and their contribution in the WW2, we would speak German or Russian now. And as we all know both Hitlerist Germany and Communist USSR were known for their flawless democracy.


Because I liked the way Night elves were presented in WC3.

No, but I dislike/hate Blizzard devs.

For obvious reasons.

BTW, is there anyone here who can tell “Yes, I like BFA. The entire expansion made me proud of my faction” ?


against jaina aswell, who is generly the biggest threat the horde. She is friendly and wants peace sometiles but she flipflops alot.


Nah, my country was freed by the English but mostly Canada. The US was mostly concerned with Asia. And… Russian? How did the US stop Europe from speaking Russian?


Didn’t you get the memo? The Americans saved Europe single-handedly from both the Third Reich and the USSR! The Iraqis, dem Russians and Afghans. Oh and they’re saving us from the Chinese too! :rofl:

Oh and they won WWI singlehandedly apparently too.

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Jaina/Anduin fans.


Good for you. Mine was “liberated” by russians. And we had 50 years of “workers paradise”.

Do you really think that without US, it would have been a cold war? Only thing that kept russians from trying to make entire Europe communist was the fear of american retaliation.

I know that now in europe is very trendy to criticize US for everythig, but to deny their involvment in WW2, is a little too much.
And let’s finish here, we are way off-topic.


Brigante, as usual, turning this into a real politic discussion. I’m not even surprised, just offended that he can’t even grow a thicker skin.

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Perhaps you should grow…A thicker skin?

Can you please get back on topic, I just managed to, on an Alliance alt, I’m sure you can also.


It’s impossible to do so when you accused innocent Alliance players of being racist and despicable scum. I will not be engaging you in any conversation again since you are clearly a troll. My only regret is that there is no ignore function to remove your filth from my eyes.

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Lacks some proper tusks, mon.

Ps: Wonder what’s the matter as of lately, this place has become rather toxic.


The matter as usual, dear Zarao, is that Brigante turned the topic into a discussion about the real world by mentioning the USA and insinuating that Alliance players are toxic and racist, because he is such a LARPer that he cannot distinguish between racism against green pixels and racism against actual human beings. Did you teach him some of your tactics or something?


There’s too many men, too many people, making too many problems.

And not much love to go around.


Become? It has been like this as long as I can remember being here.


There are too many filthy Alliance players who express their opinion. Their racist slurs are clearly not appreciated.

Please, do proceed to call Anduin an homosexual and mock him. For the Dark Lady… Yada yada yada.

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Don’t think so. Not really fan of name-calling. And it’s not as if Brigante has thrown some kind of blanket insult that tags an entire playerbase. He mentioned some people.

Was he wrong in arguing some had some rather noxious behaviour? Don’t know, I haven’t really bothered reading most of it.
But a cursory glance at the initial posts has me noting that wholesome and sensible stuff like:

Was answered with:

There might be something there. Kind of excessive in my opinion.