Failed boost

Am I allowed to name names here?

Long story short: paid 300k for Nzoth HC boost, group mainly comprised of pugs (though I didn’t realise untill alot later) lots and lots of wipes untill after three hours leader (gold recipient) was going to make a phone call. Then everyone else started disappearing so I eventually left.

Ive been boosted by this char a few times before so I thought he was reliable, seems not and he’s even taken me off his Bnet friends list. I know what chars he uses but won’t mention names (unless allowed) in case others fall foul to this thievery.

I don’t know the praxis for people stealing gold but looks like I’ll just have to put that down to an expensive learning curve. Shame in a way because boosters do have a place in WoW, especially for average players like me who won’t get Curve with guild for maybe a couple of months and who was only really looking for some loot (should’ve checked the loot-table beforehand, Carapice offers better)

Not blubbing just would like to share persons responsible but won’t unless ok on forum.


Nope. It’s understandable, but against the rules on the forum. Not in realm chat, though, AFAIK.

These solo-entrepeneur PuG-boost raids are dodgy. Your guy probably didn’t intend to cheat you; it just went bad. Maybe you can persuade him to take you on another. Maybe. Depends on the guy.

I am pretty sure there are punishments for doing such things. You can’t just label a group “HC BOOS FULL CLEAR” wait for gold trade before first boss and log off, otherwise every one will be doing this. This issue is that this punishments are kinda of rng. Report it to a gm and there is a decent chance that the abuser will get a temporary ban. But your gold will never be refunded.

You might as well buy a boost to.

no thx i can still play by myself


well i consider boosts as waste of money .i dont play this game as much but i have never paid for any boost . i just play my casual bg get my armor and loot from them and log off .


Are you serious? What’s your reasoning behind that insipid reaction?

I buy once in a while, not to pretend I’m a curved, unlike others who think just because they bought Curve they’re able to walk into a fresh HC run and imagine they’ll get away with not knowing mechanics.

Before you condescendingly attribute certain characteristics to players like me I suggest you actually check your information. If you had you’ll see I’m a HC progress raider, plenty of wipes but slowly getting there. If you even go to io then you’ll also see I’m working my way slowly up to a reasonable level, without boosts.

Unless you’re trolling I’ll leave it with this: failed vision, really, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!


You’re part of the problem that half of trade chat is boosters advertising. Either get good enough to do the content without paying, or be happy with just having a bit less gear (that hardly matters in the last tier anyway, no need for gear to start leveling in shadowlands).


Because of people like you… boost trade exists… if you are not able to finish something by yourself, just leave it be and go do some pokemon battles…
I hope everyone who buys a boost, gets scammed


Gold boosting carries this risk, its within the games terms of use for you to buy a boost for gold but its also within the terms of use for the seller to not deliver on their promise.

Think of it like an investment on the AH, you investing 300k to flip an item for 500k profit could work out as intended, or it could flop, thats part of the game. So is boosting for gold not guaranteed.

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Question is, did you buy boost from established community or just one dude?

Because now, you don’t buy boosts from one person, you buy them thru communities that have high standards.

Like I said, check your facts, don’t just pretend to know something you are clearly ignorant of. I’ve done it once in a blue Moon, that doesn’t make me a 12 yr old with lots of gold cheating into curve groups.

I guess trying to reason with stupid just brings you down to their level


Some ppl are collectors…some ppl like to get unique stuff thats been removed by the expansions end.

WoD (wolf), Legion (moose), BFA (arcane bird)…all had a “end of expansion” mount that you cant get anymore, unless you killed last boss on HC mode.

Same is true for this expansion (void dragon).

And not all ppl are into been in a guild, raiding the same stuff over and over again each week (or end up in a guild that keep wiping on stuff)…so, been boosted (or helped by other for some gold) is a easy and painfull way to get stuff done with.

Other then that, i dont really buy boost for gear, lvling or anything…but, this kind of group content…its better and faster to just spent 15 min doing something and get it done, instead of wiping for 6+ hour a day till you get it done.


i understand that . but once you are coned you are coned . blizzard doesnot monitor it nor they endorse it .
it is same like giving money to somebody in advance and expecting them to keep their part of bargain with no bank gurantee and written agreement .

next time you want to get a boost go to someone reliable I guess (me)


I’m one of that guys, i’m not even in a guild and i’m only focusing on collecting stuff :smiley:


They really don’t.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, don’t get me wrong, but boosters don’t have any place in this game imo.

  1. Noone force you to buy boost.
  2. Why you bother if someone else buy boost?

Unless you were scammed hard before and got tilted so you just qq about it.

That’s why you buy from known boosting communities to avoid scams


insert “you get what you deserve” meme.


I’m pretty sure that selling boost is considered as a contract by Blizzard. I would advise you to open a ticket. Normally if you agreed on a contract in game (they sell something for some fixed amount of gold) Blizzard should step into this :

Exploiting other players is an equally serious offense. Scamming, account sharing, win-trading, and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players will receive harsh penalties.