Failed boost

I will give you a little tip… if you want to find out if its a big boost/pug say in raid chat (before you hand over gold) “Oh so nice of you to boost me” then watch as the group empties.


Although I’m against boosting.
For me if you’re not able to get something by yourself you should not have it, I cannot deny boosting has been in the game for quite a while …and it will remain until people realize they should get things by themselves.

That said, you should open a ticket, providing evidence and names. If you’re screenshot would be better.

I think scamming is not allowed in WoW, however I doubt Blizzard will give you your gold back.

If you’re looking for boosts you should make your research and buy it from establish communities.


and what if it is “written contract” clearly describing the deal between 2 parties in pm/party/raid chat?
I am not sure if that’t not the case anymore, but Blizz used to ALWAYS step in if the the deal was happening ingame (not trading TCG codes etc) and all details of the deal were explained and agreed in the game.
It is Blizz profiting here from the boosts by selling tokens in the first place, it is also in their interest to protect the customers from clear scams

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they have. its just a way to earn gold and its no difference if someone does green/grey logs constantly its also boosted.

and in the end of the day it doesnt affect anyone.

if someone is ready to spoil his own fun in the game and actually so addicted to invest money to byu tokens to afford boosts -their problem.

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I asked this question to gm few days ago and he said that we cant take action against the cheating party .do it at ur own risk .

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people normally dont trust people who hide their faces in armor lol :joy:


You are kinda cheating by buying boosts and you are complaining to be cheated with the boost? :smiley: Kinda weird.


Blizzard created the boosting platform with gear progression system that supports it. They also take 0 action against boosting or advertising it which means it is considered legitimate business.
All boosting deals also happen ingame using ingame currency, so i fail to see how that would not qualify for their “anti-scam” protection.

But i would not be surprised by anything these days. Good old days of single difficulty raids, HC facerol 5 mans and PVP vendors… Noone needed booting to remain relevant


I am SO happy this happened to you.


if you want to see my face you can follow me on instagram :))

People delighting in someone’s misfortune and wishing them further misfortune. Stay classy, EU forum.


I wish we could have a Blue post here and sort things out.

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OP: I would advise you to open a ticket and speak to a GM, but don’t hold your hopes up that they will be able to help you. It isn’t a supported transaction so you definitely won’t get your gold back and it’s 50/50 they will even be able to do anything to the guy, he did take you through the run so it’s a bit iffy as to what they will say I think.

One thing though, don’t name him here or publicly on your realm!!! That can be deemed harassment and you could end up with a ban, as unfair as that sounds, it just isn’t worth it. I understand you want to warn others but sadly blizzard kinda tie your hands there and it really isn’t worth compromising your account.

Reporting him is your only option, maybe blizzard will give him a slap on the wrist and scare him off from doing it to anyone else or maybe the next person he does it to will report and his sanctions will keep adding up until it’s just not worth it for him.

Sorry you lost your gold! Hope it was earned in game and not from a token so it was just time wasted on pixels.


Blizzard’s rule always used to be that, if you made an agreement for a trade in an ingame chat channel and it was something that could be exchanged in the trade window, then they could act and (I think) refund as a supported transaction (supported by the tools given to you).
If it was something agreed in an ingame chat channel but can’t be done in the ingame trade window, then it was possible the person would be punished if reported but you wouldn’t get a refund.
It may, of course, have all changed …


You just reveal your trash mentality.

People buy boosts for different reasons, people with all different kinds of skill/experience.

Some people dont have the time in their everyday life to commit to a raiding schedule. Maybe they want to only do rated pvp and for that they have to do pve, buying a hc raid for 3-4-500k is quick and easy, supply and demand., and will be quite effective gearing.

Neither the boosters or those who buy a boost hurts you in any kind of way, so take a chillpill.

You howewer, gloating in others bad luck and wishing them more bad luck just show what a toxic shrug you are. Youre the perfect example of a cancerkid giving this community a horrible reputation.


Back in Vanilla, i mained warrior and i bought/farmed materials to craft a weapon with blacksmithing, howewer i didnt have blacksmithing and being the newbie i was i trusted the first guy to respond to my “LF blacksmither” in tradechat.

Now these mats were worth alot of gold, alot, i traded him the mats + gold in Ironforge, and he write to me calls me alot of things like idiot, /spit, ++ then he put me on ignore. I screenshotted everything tho. the whole dialoge from beginning to end.

I reported this to a GM and he got permanently banned. Didnt get my stuff back tho, but him being banned is something i would choose any day of the week instead of just getting my stuff back.


Using anabolic steroids in professional sports are considered cheating, as it is against the rules and will get one banned from participating for a long time.

Buying a boost for whatever reasons in wow is not, cause its not against any terms of use and will not disqualify you from anything ingame.

People buy boost for different reasons, some dont have the time to attend to a raid schedule, or wipe all day long in a pug. Quick and easy and totally understandable if someone want quick and painless gearing up, maybe to push other content.

Youre the kind of guy who would stand with your mobile phone and take snaps and selfies if you were to come across a serious traffic accident. Gloating in others misfortune. Pure aids.


Even better . I can migrate to your neighbors. House and keep 24/7 surveillance On you :stuck_out_tongue:

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If someone were to make a thread in the general chat “I will be playing less because i got diagnosed with cancer”

I would be willing to put a whole lot of money that more then one comment in this community would go like “LoL KEK hope u DIE of cancer” “HAHAHA GOOD FOR U LOL” etc.