Fairly Exp rsham LF new/beginners 2s


TL;DR at the bottom.

Gonna be straight with you guys. The last couple of months I’ve been looking for new players that either want to learn or want to improve their gameplay in 2s, in LFG, almost daily. And I have to admit, it’s really super fun! There are so many good players out there that haven’t got a chance to prove what they are made of.

Realistically though, I’m no rank 1 or glad, way to old for that. Usually ends at the lower bracket of Duelist every other season, if I put some effort into it (which I haven’t the last few seasons) so I’m not saying I got some sick gameplay. But what I do have is experience. Fairly a lot of it to be honest consider my middle-age boomer brain and time spent in this game.

I’m looking for either completely new players who want to learn and/or improve or some old timers who wants to pick it up again but don’t know where and who to queue with.

My tolerance level is super super high. We’re all beginners at some point and this current meta is epic hard to get started in.

I don’t care about current CR. Nor ilvl. I’m only asking you for this:

  • Have patience
  • Be prepared to queue hundreds of games before results
  • Queue because you want or learn or improve.
  • I’m a full time worker and a full time family of two -dad, and a husband, so if I leave all of the sudden without notice mid-game it’s because of a IRL raid wipe delux-rage.
  • Don’t apologise for mistakes, learn from them!


  • Allow me to teach the absolute basics of arena.
  • Allow me to give you feedback if needed. Mainly of strategy and gameplay, class tips not so much (unless something is super off).
  • Allow me to make UI change suggestions
  • Voice / Discord. You don’t have to speak, I’ll do that for you! I have that arrangement with some shy ppl - full respect!:slight_smile:

What to expect:

  • 2v2 mainly
  • Friendly and a genuinely safe environment to discuss, practice and learn without any judgment.
  • Someone with a fair amount of arena experience
  • Jokes, if needed.
  • A skilled healer with good knowledge of his class.
  • Someone who doesn’t care if he drops CR as long as you gained something from the sessions.

What I don’t expect:

  • Toxic and harsh environment
  • Rage quitters. Regardless of who’s fault/mistake it is. Explaination first and let me help or the other way around, please criticise me if I’m doin something you don’t want/expect me to do.
  • Taking advantage of my friendship just to cap.
  • Gold and/or favours. I don’t boost people.
  • Harassment. I queue a lot with different people. Some are scheduled for the evening.

Sounds good?

Add me today and let’s queue the hell up!

Btag: array#21811

TL;DR recap
Are you new or want to improve/learn Arena?
Sick of searching for grp in LFG only to have them leave after one game?
Although, read the rules :slight_smile:


Hello! I was wondering if this is horde only or if you play alliance aswell?

Added you. :grinning: this sounds awesome. You probably already gotten a lot of requests, but a thought I’ll try add u anyway. :wink:

Kudos to you for this. We old gamers need solo arena q :slightly_smiling_face: