Farewell Madseason

One of the most prominent WoW youtubers, Madseason has quit WoW. I know most of you will not care, but as far as youtubers go, Madseason was one of the good ones. Good luck with whatever you do in life. You will be missed :disappointed_relieved:


Farewell for now, mortals.

One of my favorite WoW content creators, a big loss to the franchise.


I cancelled my sub as well… This is is turning into retail far faster than anyone would like.
There’s a reason everyone was spamming “NO CHANGES” in the months before official classic release… nobody trusts blizzard anymore, and we have a good reason not to trust them. Very sad indeed…


I have no earthly clue who that is, never have heared of him and haven’t seen a single video where he ever was mentioned in the 16 years im playing this game


That’s possibly because you’re a retail tourist here on classic


Actually im playing exclusively classic and haven’t touched retail for a quite a while. I would even allow a blue to confirm that just to show you how wrong you are but they probably won’t

It’s funny how kids these days who probably were pooping in their diapers when I started playing this game act all high and mighty as if they know anything :laughing:


lol -----------


How does one exclude the other if classic just started a few years ago?

Should I have listed all the private servers I played on in the past just to satisfy your majesty? Srsly get over yourself…


Everyone is jumping ship, dead game, it’s ogre.


See you… Final Fantasy 14 cowboy…

Yes Madseason is also one of my favorite WoW youtubers .
But the why and the how content creators influence the players and their actions is a farce
It’s like the community has normalised that we can’t have opinions of our own , copy-pasting the views of a charismatic person is the way to go . Correction , the whole damn society has normalised that
Well , it isn’t the way to go, damn you millenials :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re definitely right, especially the last part. But you don’t really see a whole lot of positivity regarding the game from the regular players either. Positive messages about WoW are few and far between here on the forum. I don’t play retail, but I can’t really recall ever hearing anyone saying that they really like anything about it. It’s not as bad with TBC, but it does seem like the negative posts are far more common than the positive ones.

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Yeah, sure. Another content creator is quitting WoW.

All these people will be back. I guarantee it. It’s just trendy to hate on WoW/Blizzard at the moment. TBC Classic is still a far superior game to any of these new games coming out. (In my opinion - pls don’t get upset)

Also, who cares anyway.


It’s far superior to any of these new games, and yet it’s far inferior to any private server I played. The only thing better on TBC classic is the population, and NOTHING ELSE.
It’s not “trendy” to hate on blizzard, blizzard is doing things that makes people hate them.

Unless you play on a medium server, which became dead in the span of 2 years. Deadstorms currently has less than 200 daily active players.

He never showed his face,what a wuss.

He’ll return from times to times like so many of us have been doing for the past 10 years. Although he’s (imho) blind to the truth like many people, it’s players who ruin the game, the company has little to do with that. Classic was ruined by min/maxers, content creators and players 2 months into it, and tbc was even shorter. Activision just surfs on the trend to get the most benefits out of it, and that’s about it.
Anyway really liked his voice and job, so wish him the best whichever dream he decides to pursue now.


Players didn’t creat the P2W WoW token in retail or the P2W boost in TBC.

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The thing is no matter how “fond” people think off of TBC even in the pserver communities it was one of the least played Expansions…

Unloved truth… That’s the reason why so little people give a crap about these changes and it’s constantly the same people whining about changes and the majority does either not care or wants them

Best example currently HvH BGs, constantly the same handfull of people who need a new tissue to dry them Tears while the majority either doesn’t care or likes the change