Fates of the Shadowlands: Heroic

I killed Jailer this week of the Fated Heroic difficulty, but no progress neither on Heroic Achievement, not in Normal one. What’s wrong?


Please report this as a bug for the developers to check, here.

I can not write at US forums without US character.

You can submit a bug report on the EU side if you follow the instructions to this big Anub’Arak icon.

No US character is required for this. If you want to post on the US bug report forum though, follow the instructions in this post of mines to create an US license, etc:

Thanks for advice. I can do it just from the in-game menu, not from the site. Now I understand, why I didn’t find anything on the support site.

P.S. Very nice. Killed Fated Jailer heroic again just now. No achievement progress!!!