Feedback: Holy Power shouldn't be a thing anymore

Now that Holy Power generation is absurdly high and Word of Glory also cost mana, The actual require from Holy Power is just null and void at this moment.

you may as well create a smoother rotation that does not involve holy power with abilities like Final Veridct, Templar Verdict, Word of Glory ect being on CDS as opposed to holy power.


I’d prefer if we could get rid of the Holy Power, too. I’ve never liked it and having played classic, just having mana was better.

What they should do without making it mindless button pressing (in my opinion) is to make sure we have to simply keep an eye on our mana. More powerful attacks = drains mana faster so less useful for longer fights, but for bursting something down? Great moment to use all you’ve got.

This way you can also fulfil the ‘Support’ part where you can throw some few powerful heals, but then you’re left without mana so you can’t attack to make up for it until you regenerate it.


We have had HP since Cata, in other words out of 10 versions of the game we have had HP in 7 of them.
Our dps rotation was non existant in vanilla and TBC. In WotlK it was a mindless button mash and Cata had a horrible launch with the HP system.

They are extreamly slow with just getting the basics of this class set up, while they pump out new classes left and right over the years while adding the bare minimum to this class.

Yes, adding a mana cost to wog makes no sense. especially for pvp. But if they were to fundamentally change the HP system for anything else do NOT expect any other addition for the class over the world souls saga’s run time.

Hell i dont even expect that now.


Worth noting from holy paladin perspective this isn’t entierly true.

They removed holy power from holy paladin in legion and it was not in the kit during bfa either.

Then they reintroduced holy power in shadowlands again but without fixing any of the reasons that caused them to remove it in the first place.

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While its true that holy and i think even prot has gone with expansions without Holy Power after we got it in cata, im fairly sure this topic was about Rets having it.

My bad, I am blind :smiley:

True, imo that doesn’t make it the better choice, especially how it is implemented rn.

I do agree to a certain extent here.

Yes and no. I feel there was more to work around the mana management in pve and in pvp during wotlk than with holy power today.
In wotlk without a mana regen buff from other classes ret could not do the perfect rotation because it was too mana hungry (consac was 1k+ mana). In pvp you could deny rets mana regen with absorbs on judgment damage, dispel mana regen buffs and divine plea and just straight mana burn. Now mana for dps is just a fake mechanic, it’s just there to cut down on heals.

And we come to this point here. It’s a downward spiral blizz got itself in.

I like Holy Power. The class is already too easy and if you remove HP, the class becomes stupidly boring. Yes, we probably have too much HP gen at the moment, but that is easy to tune down, But I wouldnt want to get rid of HP

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yes if i wanted to play with combo points i would play rogue


Removing HP and doing nothing else would dumb it down, yes.
Removing HP and deepening the mana management (for example) would not.
It all depends how they go about it.

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Most classes use a regen -
Warriors - Rage
Rogue - Energy/Combo Points
Hunter - Focus
Why Paladins the only melee class with mana is beyond me…

Mana with a fast spend and regen rate, Closer to the rogues’s energy, but with a much deeper pool.
So you can burst 15 skills in the row, then need to slow down for mana regen. But without bursting you will never run out of mana.
Something like that.

So like a rogue but without the combo points?

For what reason would i use any other attack then FV? HoW, BoJ, CS/TS/AACS etc would all be meaningless and a DPS loss over FV.

Or would you now stick a CD on FV and we just rotate all attacks in a prio list?

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Can be easily balanced with CD, Mana cost, Buffs for skills combinations etc. Why other classes without combo-point don’t use one button for all attacks?..)

Hybrid class without a specific resource like energy. Feral druids for example still use mana to cast regrowth.

But your example was a Rogues energy bar. A class that dont have CD’s on their main attacks, even their builders. And thats kinda the purpose of builder/spender system, to not have a CD on your spenders. Energy is there instead of a CD, combo points (holy power) are there instead of the CD (with some exeptions for the rule)

If you put CD on everything the point of a builder/spender becomes mute.

For the salary of game designer I will think about this all day long and will back with exact answers how to make Pally gameplay more interesting.
But for now I just want to say that I don’t like, that our gameplay is VERY restricted by design:
You push skill A, B, C in that order on repeat or you suck.
Zero variability or improvisation.

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That’s the class fantasy of the paladin basically in every game.

I would rather have something similar to how it was before:
Spells use mana but you have different ways to get that back depending on your spec.
For example retri used to get mana back from doing dmg, prots from parry/block/dodge. Not only that but all specs had divine plea.

Problem is with Blizzards ineptitude on where to go with the paladin class and random brain hickups that flods the forums they WILL implement one of them sooner or later into the game. I can only see the mana cost of WoG as one of those brain hickups.

Fairly sure the rotation never goes like that or even close to it so no idea what you are after for a more intresting gameplay with that description as to whats wrong with the current one.

This was back when we had seals and judgment debuff (so the 3 classic ones)? Even if it didnt require a debuff for this to regen mana you dont see a problem with this kind of system in say pvp? And what would be the gameplay change here?

Having attacks on CD is the best way to get an “A, B, C” rotation, attack what you can with while prioritizing the hardest hitters.

The mana regen is just there, until a rogue evies, warrior parries, ranged kites etc.

As I said before, there is more depth in the mana management if done right instead of a simple 5 combo point system like HP.
I’ll quote myself:

So in classic pvp, the mechanics of mana regen are intertwined with other mechanics and the gameplay and you have to be mindful about it. Rn the mechanics HP provides are “do I attack with my HP or do I heal”. Nothing more.

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