Feral DF Talents Feedback


This is just a short post of some of the initial suggestions I have for the tree/talent trees in general.

Here’s an image for visualisation:

General Impressions
Generally, I’m okay with the tree/talents. They definitely need work but I think we’ll be able to craft at least a couple different builds.
My main complaints are the positioning of some abilities and that some spells feel like they’ve been fragmented because the devs ran out of things to add? (e.g. It takes 5 points to get all the available Berserk perks).

Jungle Stalker
JS should be removed and added to Relentlessness, in its place you could add Sickle of the Lion. Potentially also switching FF/BT positioning with the new SotL placement.

Brutal Slash
BrS shouldn’t replace Swipe (Depending on tuning you HAVE to lose Swipe if you want to progress the righthand side of the tree. This doesn’t feel good because then you’re capped to 3 uses of your only AOE ability. However, having Swipe + BrS could enable BT feeling really good to play in m+/AOE situations as you’ll be able to BrS → Thrash (proccing Scent of Blood) → Swipe (proccing BT).

Sudden Ambush
Sudden Ambush is a lackluster addition to our toolkit and would require 3x talent points to progress further in the tree. With how limited talent points are, SA doesn’t feel like a quality ability to invest in. Replacing it with Blood Mist encourages rake use but in conjunction with SotL could be very potent. (Tuning required)

Bottom Right Section
I really like the bottom right section of the tree because of how Apex and Circle interact so well together. Plus the ability to take Savage Roar + Cat Eye Curio + Soul of the Forest would be really powerful for solving our energy issues. Frenzyband is also a nice bonus :slight_smile:

Survival Instincts
SI is our strongest defensive and is quite important in most content. It being so far down the right hand side of the tree requires us to more or less always head right to acquire it, limiting our options elsewhere and damaging other interesting builds we could otherwise create.
Suggestion: Replace Ursoc’s Endurance on the Class Tree with SI.

Adaptive Swarm
Assuming the final 2 points of left hand side of the tree is going to be Locust Swarm then we have to invest 3 talent points to get our current state Adaptive Swarm. This is quite an expensive investment for what you’d be getting. I think reducing the total requirement to 2 is a solid start. I played around with getting 1-2 talent points back from this and it enabled me to get 1 additional powerful talent on the righthand side of the tree. (can’t remember off the top of my head it’s been a while since I looked).

Berserk is Bad
As mentioned earlier, maximising Berserk requires 5 talent points and is split ALL across the tree making it a HEAVY investment to take for probably the worst 3 minute CD in the game. This limits other potential builds.
Suggestion: Place our current 2pc tier set bonus into the tree somewhere (allow us to get a reduction on Berserk)

  • Provide Sickle of the Lion to make Berserk more powerful (not necessary if our other AOE is tuned well enough).

Final Thoughts
For a while now Druids have had issues with the fluidity of the class.

  • I suggest Rebirth being castable in Cat Form (even if it costs energy that’s better than having to shift when bear can res in Bear Form and Balance can cast in Moonkin Form)
  • Incap should keep you in Cat Form if used in Cat Form.
  • Force of Nature for Feral not just Balance. Creates a sense of “we need a Druid DPS” not “we need a Balance Druid”.

There’s plenty more that could be covered but these are my main issues at least initially.


With rebirth just allow us to use with predatory swiftness as it used to be…if they wanna add all nature spells with under 5 secs cast time (or was it 10), like it was originally that would be great. I get it pvp…but i don’t see why not rebirth couldn’t be add to predatory swiftness.

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I think the only potential problem in PvP would be instant Cyclone? But yeah, Rebirth should so totally be affected by PS.

There are plenty of things that work in pve but are excluded from pvp, so I don’t see that it would be difficult to add this to the list.

This is a really bad idea imo. It will force players to throw away 4 points in the class tree just to pick up SI.

If anything SI, Predatory Swiftness and Infected Wounds should all be baseline. They shouldn’t be competing against actual throughput talents - they’re things the spec should have at all times (so they shouldn’t be put in the class tree either, before you get any ideas, Blizzard).

All they have to do is list the spells that are included.

Regrowth, Entangling Roots or Rebirth.

They should of course also add Hibernate to that list (which should be baseline, and not in the class tree), but they won’t do that because Blizzard hates CC and skillful play.

Have you heard about rogues?..and frost mages? And I almost forgot…warlocks?

I made a feedback thread about it, but one point I don’t see raised too much and I find really bad is that logically it’s not even much of a tree.

Why not (if you have multiple talents buffing Tiger’s Fury) have them in same line? And depending how deep you go, that strong will TF be.
And have that similarly for other things too.

For example Sudden Ambush and Moonfire in Cat form being tied together feels weird, they have absolutely no synergy nothing…

When I made a build I got bunch of spells and abilities I wished to avoid (Swiftmend, increased magic damage - just becaused I wanted Cyclone … then Primal Wrath and Sudden Ambush, just because I wanted Predatory Swiftness…) that feels super bad, especially when you lack points to pick what you previously had baseline (and it’s usually put behind other garbage choices like Moonkin form for Feral, gatekeeping the Hibernate).

You people seriously need to stop complaining about getting PW, it is good and doesn’t take away from you. Sure it takes a talent point and you could say it would be nicer to be able to put it somewhere else, but there is a world of difference between PW being mandatory and something like increased (3 points of) magic dmg increase being mandatory to get cyclone.

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Whisperer is a pretty good barometer for the quality of the new talent trees, I think. If they complain about it, it must be good.

This Psybearslat have some very good arguments. And i agree Feral Tree fully.
Personally i’m just casual player, +17s or so and what ive seen the Druid tree is awkward for feral.
You have to actually go full hybrid build to have those abilities what makes class wanted in m+ or raid. If not go take all " affinities" some bear, some resto, some oomkin, some cat. Never really reach bottom with cat. And if go full cat you get no groups, there is no group helping spells, like soothe, or ursols vortex, or cyclone…
Its like, hey we made lot more diverse talents now, but we won’t let you choose still what you want, we still say what you can have. Eh Blizzard keep it that way and you make sure feral is bottom of wanted in groups listed still.

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I’d also say that they shouldn’t keep Adaptive Swarm… Deathly themed ranged DoT doesn’t really seem fit for Feral creature.

They should either remove it or make it more suitable for Feral. Possibly some melee attack that makes your dots tick faster or deal extra damage as bleed. Possibly ranged that charges you to target and does the same thing.

I would like Mangle back. Why? Because it has 100% uptime. Other than that Adaptive Swarm is really cool, think about what it is - it is a swarm of insects. Quite fitting for a druid if you ask me.

does it look like swarm of insects?

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Good point…i just see a green poorly made spelleffect of sorts.

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Does cheetah form look like a cheetah?

possibly not, but it looks like an animal, natural-themed
adaptive swarm doesn’t… it looks like a weird deathly glob… something that you’d expect from Affliction Warlock

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And the sound effect for savage roar sounds like a gunshot. Something you would expect from a… hunter, maybe?

Let’s just abandon everything good the spec has left because the visual and sound effects don’t suit a few players.

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this is good FB argee pretty much everything is and especially bersek one its like you need rip your soul 3 piece to get basic feral spell :S

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All of which have gotten their CC nerfed ever since MoP.

LOl…truly biggest LOL ever…currently rogue is the biggest cc-clown-fiesta WoW has ever seen. Frostmage nonstop roots+nonstop spammable poly. warlock 2x aoe stun spammable fear , coil (if demonology, another stun).

Truly…where is the nerf you promised me?