Feral druid feels even squishier now. (PvP Thread, strongly forbidden for PvE enjoyers)

I generally got problems vs Dh, Evokers, Shamans ,Rogue, Paladins, Hunters, Monks and even Warriors. This is 8 out of 13 classes I underperform against, most of which a complete counter.

Point is most classes are untouchable, rogue goes Evasion then Cloak what do I do meanwhile? Bear Form does nothing for me all of the bleeds go through, i can try faking Cyclone and thats about it. Same goes for warriors and monks.
I would usually attempt to kyte but most classes are as mobile as me or even more mobile so thats off the table too.
Evoker btw kytes me. Is immune to my slow, immune to interrupt then he casts CC immunity and then im just done because he heals for 300k every 3 seconds and does 300k bursts every 3 seconds too.
I cant keep up. I know the game is not 1v1 adventure but brother, underperforming against the majority of the classes and their specs is insane.
Whats left ?
I honestly think Clone should have a 2 min cooldown and be made into a instant cast with 2 charges.
Would solve the issue of Clone spaming to proc Wild Attinement, and Wild Attunement will drop as a baseline pick.
Another point is - why is our healing so low? I know this has been brought up many times but just a reminder that I need to sit 4 seconds in Bear Form to regen 12 % of my life. Regrowth heals less than 20k, yes its good when you already dps’d for a solid minute and u got stacked healing from Protector Of The Pack but anything besides that is just utter garbage, I am also supposed to be Offhealing and i honestly would rather cast roots for 0.1 sec duration than drop a Regrowth on someone.

I also wonna ask the question why my shapeshifting doesnt clear all slows, like Evoker channels me with a slow, and i cant even remove it not even for a second, I thought thats my class perk - i trade a global for a slow remove ?
Talent tree is still utter garbage btw just in case you have forgotten.
Like how do you even get the audacity to give me an extra 2 talent point talent when I barely have taken what I need LMAO → said talent is Saber Jaws and it supports this outdated, disgusting design of Ferocious Bite → for those who dont know or have forgotten how Ferocious Bite works its like this → Ferocious Bite hits like a noodle BUT if you have 50% energy it does proper finisher dmg, so your finisher not only requires you to have 5 combo points but not it requires you to sit and do whatever until you got energy to use your finisher move otherwise it does 0 damage- > yeah so this new talent → Saber Jaws increases this bonus damage but luckily you cant even pick that talent because of lack of talent points but again luckily you never get to have enough energy so you just noodle damage spam it, after all you’re not a rogue with 200 energy, + 30% increased energy regen, + Thistle Tea (100 energy) and Sybols Of Death ( that btw resets cd once you vanish, cool huh?) and 4 talents that completely remove energy costs and/or reduce them.
Like just the whole spec is so outdated from the bottom to the top that I cant help but being angry everytime I find myself in trouble.
And I used to go parkouring in Orgrimmar pissing hordies off in Wrath, fighting against 2+ people and being abale to escape or win, same goes for most expansions really, now here i am getting oneshotted in Bear Form, getting kyted by anybody, anybody being able to chase me down, tank my dmg, outheal me.
Feral is just an advanced AI target dummy.
And dont give me that talk about 3v3. Is your argument really that feral shouldnt have a good AOE for me to be allowed to complain that the spec as a whole is bad?


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever know it so bad as a feral. By the time I can even get to a finisher, I’m almost dead anyway and having to just try to survive whilst not being able to output any kind of dmg to put the opponent under any pressure. Other classes get bubbles, iceblocks, turtle shells, evasion etc etc.

At one stage they decided to split ferals down to cat or bear, I wish they would have just completely ran with that. Make us pure kitties but give us some defensives on par with other classes. bear form is just pointless as any hunter, mage pala or warrior can pretty much just smash through you anyway while you hit back at them with the force of a strand of wet spaghetti.

I play feral since ever since i can remember playing wow and it always felt 2 expansions behind the current one.
Probably thats the design philosophy.
And we- the druid playerbase are just used to be strugglers and we push to make it work but i gotta tell you something:
-Im tired bros. Tired of waiting for better times. Might just reroll rogue.

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I’ve been feral since halfway through TBC, Resto prior to that with many breaks inbetween. I still suck at it but it’s the spec I always enjoyed, kitty for life I guess but it is getting very frustrating, the lack of love shown by Blizzard towards us. I’ve tried most other classes and specs but there’s just something about feral I love, even though I spend most of it getting my butt kicked.


which is why I stopped since 10.0.7
Its just absurd and makes no sense how squishy feral is… if not for muscle memory I would not press regrowth at all… meanwhile a warr heals more passively why?
It used to be that certain specs I avoid in WPvP or in arena because I get it every spec needs a counter but now before engaging I have the fealing I can’t do much vs literally any spec… hunter? you will get slowed to death and can dodge your burst with fein death, warr will opress you with big dmg and you can’t kite as you used too, rogue used to be manageable with thorns and now the rogue just /lol at you while not respecting the thorns… mage also you can’t kite as much you used too same for WW even a ret now is semi ranged while doing huge amount of burst.
In the past feral used to have very good ST dmg coupled with nice mobility and meaningful CC and healing but now you can’t even kite a damn ret?? how is this fair?
feral feels very outdated in PvP and the notion that our mobility is our survival is no longer true.
Not to mention in blitz now everyone is zooming in with their mounts while you are slower in travel form lol


All valid points my friend.
Kyte a ret ? We cant even kyte a pet tbf :smiley: , even pets are more mobile than my sorry azz


I feel it’s about time the dev’s point out on the doll where the feral touched them cos they seem to hate us :laughing:


feral is in the same boat as ww and frost dk xd completely forgotten and neglected.

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Just been doing the daily at Cobalt Assembly, it’s insane just how quickly I die just to 3rd party aoe from fights that didn’t even include me, aoe that barely puts a scratch on some classes. Thankfully, I was left alone for the most part to grind the anima mobs but got caught in aoe once or twice and just straight up attacked and wiped out once or twice.

Barkskin 20% reduction of insane damage still equates to insane damage.

Survival Instincts turns insane damage into normal damage, but after 6 seconds you’re back to taking insane damage, then 3 minutes later you get 6 seconds of normal damage again.

Thorns is nice but doesn’t do much when you’re still taking insane damage and the opposition has nice self healing/absorbs/evasions/massive health and armour etc.

Little wonder I only ever see one or two ferals max in any BG


I completely understand how and why you feel like this but I just think they struggle tuning druid in general. In fact they even mentioned it in the new announcement for a brief moment.

Im sorry but Cobalt PvP area gives insane buffs and its not objectice to place a judgement about tuning based on it.

Yeah I realise that, it’s just insane how much it seems to hurt versus other classes, 1st time doing that one tho and didn’t really have much time to read the buffs, wrong time of day for it I guess, I usually do it at daft o’clock when there’s less about.

I get it but this is a bad example, i think.

I’m not so sure it is, it’s just the same as anywhere else where we are way more squishy than we can handle. Doing the daily just now with the ducks, literally can’t take the damage from anyone. Getting repeatedly wiped out in seconds by a mage going nuclear and I can’t even get anywhere near, never mind the warriors, evokers, hunters. Literally no chance of staying alive in any encounter for more than a few seconds.


This is a far better example as there no one walking with 200% mastery buff and 80% dmg increase one too paired with 60 % leech buff , you know what i mean.
And yeah thats true i mean 8 out of 13 classes wipe us out. Thats what im saying.
Meanwhile on my rogue im evaporating people in 2 seconds.
I dont even get people who complain about convoke. At least you can interrupt it, you cant cast it if targets and nearby players are out of Cc, if there any mobs or pets and most classes are immune to it for they can remove stuns or immune them.
But rogue can just Cloak and do 100% to 0% every 40 or so seconds and convoke is 1 min cd and pure RNG on the dmg it deals.
So yeah, every aspect of druid is ruined besides being an AOE bot, which I give you that we at least do sum AOE dmg.

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Trying to close the gap is a nightmare all by itself nowadays, so many ways to trap or slow you and force you to either sit and take damage or shift form and lose any slither of momentum you may have had. By the time you can get close enough to do any damage, you then have to start the ramping up process to do any proper damage, by then you’re already heading back to your corpse. At least in a bg there’s some protection but wpvp is nasty. Previous expansions I’ve gone about my dailies without much of a worry, win some, lose some but I’m like a scared little mouse now, hiding in the cracks till I can slip out and get them completed.


What is wrong with the feral spec, in pve? since 10.2 is up, feral dps is incredible low. Every key i made i just beat the tank, other dps , are with milions over me. Dh is from another planet. BRH, 20+ , i made 195 milions, and DH 370? what is the meaning of this? what have you done to feral? Even with the new talents is shameful. You blizzard broke feral, even do was the stupid class at dps in 10.1.5, but it was ok for me. SInce 10.2 is so lame… I hate this game, feral was always left behind

Its a PvP thread it literally says it on the top.

I think best choice is to switch to rogue. sin is not that different from feraö and has much better QOL stuff abd never seem to be energy starved nor cp starved… also I dont know if its only me but I always feel some lag when shifting + GCD for shifting + every spec now seems to have a spammable CC makes the shifting experience quite annoying…

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Shifting is outdated indeed and this Delay or Lag as you put it is real, ive done some testing during Wrath times and the delay is smaller now compared to then but its there.
Also they are adding more and more channel abilities that slow you permanently and no amount of shifting helps with that.

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So I went back and did the Cobalt assembly daily last night, have to say I now agree it wasn’t the best example. Actually enjoyed it for the short time I was there, it’s actually a lot more doable than some of the others. I also had just gotten pathfinder as well so at least worst situation now I can just Incarnation then fly away. Crazy how much I miss flight form when it’s not available.