Feral Feedback from top 20 feral EU m+ player

blizzard can you do something about mattted fur , instead of absorbing 50k on 800k hp pool make it absorb 20% bassed on your hp , survival instinct could be 12 seconds long since its a 3min cd, you could also bake verdant heart to be baseline for barkskin so you get 20% healing received when bark is up, i think that itself would fix alot of survivability problems feral is facing atm , also there are so many 2/2 nodes on our tree like well honed instinct that could easily be 1/1 node and max rank since well honed is not as overpowered as it was back in shadowlands , Rampat Ferocity cap nerf should be reverted like it was in season one so we got aoe and ST , aoe suffers alot in higher keys , im top 21 Feral in EU atm in mythic plus did +26 keystones and feral needs to be looked into.

Why is predatory swiftness a talent node in Feral Tree , should be baseline for feral no mater what , having 3 different talents to build berserk is just awfull instead of getting rid of those 3 nodes and baking it into a single node would give us even more freedom to pick other talents , convoke still casts rejuvination and regrowth in cat form while standing in melee range of the mobs , Feral is screaming for defensive cooldown buffs and aoe buffs and i hope developers will read my feedback on the spec because we need it


I totally agree, Feral needed a survivability rework so badly, I’m the #1 Feral Atm shuffle and I’m stopped hard at 2600 2.6CR when other classes are playing at 2800+ I won an AWC on Feral in Shadowlands and right now I’m feeling useless paper for my team actually and this is not a joke, feral has greatly nerfed survival while other classes only get buffs and new survival abilities like hunter, ele shaman, warriors, affly, etc ., it’s not fair, I feel useless in this class.


The response to the feedback is to play balance druid :smiley: Resto and balance are currently way ahead of the remaining druid specs. Even Dorki plays balance druid lol.

No, forums are here to provide feedback and thats what im doing here


That’s like telling warrior mains to play warlock instead.


Well, for high m+ pug keys you will have to make that sacrifice, no other way around. Random people don’t want bad specs for progression.

People should never have to change their class or spec due to it being massively neglected and overlooked, some people have been playing their specs for nearly 20 years. We all pay the same to play the game, the very least we should expect in return for them is that all our specs should be well thought out and equally as playable and viable as the others.


As someone who’s been playing this game for far too long I just experience deja vu each expansion since Legion.

We start good/average we get buffed then a content patch later we just drop down and down until maybe at patch x.3.5 they fix something which makes no sense anymore since content is over.
Then a new expansion launches and we’re back to square one.
Same story over and over again.

With new talent trees i feel like our survivability got a major hit. Many things added to talent trees like 4 extra seconds to Barkskin. Why was it even done? Barkskin was 12sec and period. It’s like having extra talent for Regwroth to leave a HoT after initial heal. Makes no sense.
Speaking of Regrowrth its a joke of a spell and in pvp even worse.

Rampant Ferocity… talent i really enjoyed now gutted. Anyone pick this one for M+?
Relentless Predator, something i’d never pick after the nerf.

Anyways, I don’t expect any major changes for Feral spec. Blizzard showed this time and time again. As soon as Feral hits competitive level be that in M+ or Arenas we get nerfed hard because other specs whine.
For it is preposterous for Feral to be at decent level.


Also buff the damage reduction from thick hide - make the buff apply only to specs that need it if necessary, like you’ve done for other classes - and bring our passive DR in line with other melee.


Feral Feedback from top 20 feral EU m+ player - Classes / Druid - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)
good damage buffs but its not solving the issue that we got with survivability

this is what we are asking for Blizzard

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Blizzard, listen to this man. Pls.

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  • Bear Form now increases armor by 175% in PvP (was 220%).

I just want you to explain to me in what world does it make sense to reduce the Survivability of a spec that already is struggling to survive and is quite literally the spec with the highest mortality rate in every bracket :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Guy who is tuning feral is someone whos too busy sucking his thumb rather than read the blatant and obvious critiques about feral and adress them.

Its like 1 + 1 but for him it means 3.
I really am more dissapointed that devs like this bring more concern than excitement when it comes to changes.

I am concerned that even if by some weird coincidence, after the planets align, on a lucky sunny day, Feral gets finally fixed, and then on the next morning there will be this incompentent guy to ruin it again.

Fire this person.
Hes not doing well.
I am actually at a loss for words, its like im living in some alternate reality where wearing your pants as a hat is normal.


Im thinking the same as you :smiley: absolutly laughable balancing job

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You don’t like it when people talk PvE in your PvP threads. Can you please not start talking about PvP specific stuff in PvE threads.

Your comment is 100% irrelevant to what’s being discussed here.

You couldve just said you hate me.
My comment is not irrelevent.
Have a good day.

Survival instinct buffs needed , duration increase from 6 to 15 sec

Two charges would be more useful, or a 50% CD reduction.


or how about to bring the old Wod Glyph back as a Talent? i think it was Glyph of Ninth Life but better than the current thick hide talent

we have now Thick Hide instead what cost 2 Talent Points to reduce our dmg by only 6% overall

we also lost yseras gift as feral, and the Passive 5% Versa Bonus while in Cat form

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There are multiple approaches that can be taken

  1. 2 charges of Survival.
  2. A slight buff to Think Hide or maybe make it 1 point only for the 6%.
  3. Buff the Barkskin Absorb talent.
  4. Cat Form increases healing taken.
  5. Cat Form increase armor like Moonkin.
  6. Cat has increased dodge chance.
  7. Make the Regrowth HoT actually heal or make a talent that increases Regrowth HoT.
  8. Buff the talent in Feral Tree that makes Regrowth reduce DMG taken.
  9. Give Feral an evasion type spell.
  10. Fix our class tree and give us more freedom with our talents without wasting 5 on Moonkin spells as Feral.
  11. With a fixed tree we can have stuff like yseras gift, swarm, convoke in our class tree.

There are so many ways they can try to fix feral. I’ll even except them adding some of these and later removing and adding other and removing and just see what works well. The worst part is they are doing nothing to fix this issue.


Couldn’t agree more. I’m the #3 Feral EU and there is much to be desired with our talent tree.