Feral healing update

With full honor gear in patch 10.2, druid having 720k max hp, regrowth does a WHOPPING 1900hp per second!

That is 0.26% max hp per second! WoW. Amazing hybrid class


If you ask nicely the hunter pounding you with rapid fire will pause a bit so you can get 1% hp back.



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You have Bear Form, Frenzy regen, Rejuvenate, Regrow and the most broken CC in the game. You don’t need more healing on top of that.

You have to take talents if you want rejuvenation, a spell which very slowly heals you for a fraction of your health.

Even in Bear form, with barkskin activated and survival instincts we still go down in literally seconds with any mage, hunter, DH etc going mildly nuclear.

Most broken cc? Like mind controlling people off cliffs?

Next time you’re in a BG, count the amount of priests then count the amount of feral druids then ask yourself, which one is broken?

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This is the case with many abilities. If you want to run without healing spells, find a healer.

Yes, we all know how broken Mage, Rog, and DH damage is.

Yeah, Clone is quite literally the most broken CC in the game: spamable, undispellable, prevents healing. You have enough time while cloning someone to heal up or jump across the map.

MC off a cliff is a cheesy move in BG that other classes can do to a greater extent, namely druids with Typhoon. If I go and MC someone, it can be dispelled, and I can be hit while controlling without it breaking. It’s the only CC that requires you to actively play to make it work properly and is easy to kick as well.

Honestly, let’s not kid ourselves; Priest CC is in no way broken like druid.

I never said Feral was broken; I said druid CC is broken.

Ferals are in a decent position considering there are 26 damage specs.

Whether MC is a cheesy move or not, it’s still as annoying to me as cyclone is to you, yet you can also withstand several people beating down on you across a full map with a flag in your hand. Meanwhile a warrior farts and the wind from it takes me to 30% health.

Frenzy is already nerfed to the ground in PvP, this isn’t SL anymore, it does somewhere in the ballpark of 15% max hp before any MS is applied, rejuv breaks form, and bearform armor is basically useless since so many melee do mix of magic and physical damage

Just why are shamans, paladins, even my monk allowed to do bursts of 150-200k healing with just a few randomly plotted healing talents in the general class tree, but druid devotes like 30% of our general class tree to buffing our heals and they still can’t cover 50% max hp with breaking form and hard spamming heals?


Looks like you have no idea what you are talking about. Bear Form works only vs melee and it’s like a 10-15% DMG reduction. Every single caster doesn’t care about bear and most melees have more than half their DMG either a bleed or holy or chaos or nature and none of that also cares about your armor.

When in Bear form you deal no DMG because you have no skills. You basically turn into a punching bag and can’t do anything. We get 15% melee reduction and lose 100% of our DMG. Should Warrior defensive stance also work that way? Give them 15% armor and disarm them.

Frenzy regen - 10% heal over 4 secs and requires you to wast 2 GCD. If you get out of combat you regen health faster :smiley: Frenzied Regen is used more to help your healer heal you up cause it increases healing taken by 20%, it does not heal on it’s own, and again we lose 100% of our DMG to be able to use it. Fair exchange!

Rejuvenate - heals just as much as Regrowth and is never taken, because it’s a waste of a talent and we already are wasting like 5 talents in other places with talents that we get 0 benefit from cause we never use Moonkin Form for example. You wanna wast 7 talents? Good luck with that mate!

Regrowt - again heals for nothing. With dampening you’ll actually lose more HP from a melee attack during that GCD you just wasted than it actually heals.

Feral survivability is one of the worst if not the worst in the game. It was like this also last patch. Ferals in solo shuffle in all ratings had the highest death rates. 2400+ the same ferals were the class that died the most (only destro locks were equal).

We need a ton more healing and survivability. 2x Barskin, 2x Survi and 200% buff to regrowth!


You can waste up to like 10 talents for healing. You can take Protector, take Swiftmend, Reju, take the 2 talents to regrowth. You still heal for nothing. We don’t take those talents cause even if we take all 10 of them regrowth on average now heals 35k instead of 30k (not taking dampening into account). Do you really think taking 10 talents to heal and still being outhealed by a single warrior passive is fair or fun?

The only thing feral has that makes it strong is CYCLONE and we hate it. Like we’d happily let you remove cyclone from the game if we only got to play a spec that doesnt die in 75%+ of solo shuffles (yes those were the stats from last season, 2400+ ferals had a 75% death rate, or it might have been higher, would need to go back and check).

I actually showed many games last season where over the course of a single solo shuffle match I used like 30 something regrowths. Thats 30 GCD that I wasted and 30 regrowths did LESS healing than a single ENH Shaman Earth Shield. Did less than a single drop of an Elem Shamans Healing Totem. Did less than a warlocks PASSIVE healing from a single talent point. Did less than a warrior using his absorb 3 times + passive healing. Feral healing is a meme even if you talent into it.


Heals nothing

Does nothing against Magic dmg, and it is better to Kite in travel form, or leaping to your mate, instead staying in bearform for years

U dont use it, global waste

theres not a Single circumstance to use Regrowth over Roots

U mean Cyclone?, many Classes have so many Things to stop it, and its the last thing what makes Feral good, if u remove it, u can put Feral instantly in the Trashcan. Btw cyclone was a way bigger Threat In Shadowlands/Bfa, when classes had way less Stuff to counter it. And i dont think Cyclone is the Reason why u cant Push above 1.8

We need it, cuz we have the Worst Survivability in the game

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All other classes moaned when we could insta cast it with a natures swiftness proc, so of course it got nerfed then. Now we are hearing calls to nerf it even more, of all the insane abilities in this game and that’s the one to pick on? Deary me :man_facepalming:

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I’d nerf it. 1min CD, instant cast for example.
And now give us back our survivability for that.
Unnerf Frenzied Regen.
Why was is nerfed by 50% for feral only?! And why is it still nerfed for no damn reason?
Give us 2x Survi back. And buff regrowth 100%. And maybe just maybe we won’t have to kite every single time someone targets us.


Now that every class has their own special family of spells I don’t think pure physical damage is still even a thing. Other classes self heal more through their own leeching effects than a feral druid does after taking restoration column of talents.


Sub Rogue for example is Phys/Shadow dmg
Dh is Phys/bleed/ Magic/ Chaos dmg
Dk is Magic dmg
Bm is Phys/bleed but they dont care, they burst threw bearform
Assa/ nature/ bleed

So the only full Phys classes are Outlaw Rogue/Warri/ ww Monk/ Bite feral /mm hunt

But! they dont care about Bearform, u getting more value out of Rooting them, and Leap away and kite with travel form

Feral takes too much dmg, it´s not worth tanking the dmg in bearform, in My opinion it´s fine, because im not a Friend of going into bearform and tanking every dmg like a raidboss (BUT) WE take too much dmg In catform/ and have zero Heal


exactly how i feel too.
Theres an entire thread on Nerfing Cyclone instead of nerfing these crazy dh , war, rogues , like bruh…


im still confused about the fact, that they mention all specs Rdrood moonkin even feral, in which world can gatekeep the “Feral” class these players from getting rating, when u barely even see one?

When I play arena I hardly see any ferals, not even on my twinks, and if u should see one at low rating, it´s a punching bag

i also saw some peoples said “feral needs a nerf, this class is way too op currently” i was like, is this guy trolling?

ahh and ofc suggestion to “remove cyclone from feral” but give him nothing as comparison

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I mean we’re literally 4.14 in 2v2 and 4.94% i 3v3 of the whole population taken both factions into account between 1- 2400 rating.
source: arenamaster. io

Yeah, idk why people think that this is a legit way of solving any problems what so ever.
Its like you get a splinter in your finger and your solution is to cutt off your arm.

and Alone 10 ferals are Twinklefairy/ 4 Varima, 12 Sneakykitty

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We really gotta ban all those Feral alts. :smiley: When you look at the stats sometimes you have a feeling that Feral is OP and there are so many Ferals at the top. Only when you dig into it do you see that it’s freaken 3 pro Ferals and every single one of them on 15 alts messing up the stats and making us all look bad. :smiley: