Finding group around 40

Hey, I want to ask you guys if Its normal that finding groups for dungeons around level 40 is difficult? I used to find groups for DM’s etc. low level dungeons quickly but Now it takes 3 or more hours. I am Warrior tank and i thought Its gonna be easier for me to find group, already tried lfg chat, even addons. Iam playing on Mirage Raceway (Alliance) i would say population looks good so i really dont know whats problem :smiley:

Personally I think people are lazier with their alts and cba travelling all the way to SM/Uld/RFD as alliance.


Didnt even thought about that.

Also on mirage raceway, its certainly harder than it used to be :frowning:

Not many new players are joining Classic, and those who are are spread on so many realms, and the people who level alts generally are getting boosted in dungeons. So not many people around who wanna do lowlvl dungeons the normal way unfortunately.

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