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Hello guys

I recently started playing fire mage because i wanted to top the dps metters. (used to play only healers).
As i said i choosed mage because my research guided me for mage as a top dps.
Curently, i am struggling on the dps lists. I am doing the right rotation, conduits etc… i learned the spec as best as i could for the last month now. But others specs outshines me, even lower gears locks, monks, warrs, hunts… lets not get in the aoe scenario, where things gets even worse.
I understand that i need more time to be good at it and more practice and also more gear (curently 186).
But thats not a problem, i am willing to invest more time and research in it, but i need to know thats it worth it, thats it worth the time and at the end i can be top 3 in raids. Because i dont want to play fire mage too long and discover that its not top and some monk( ies) come and gets our top spots.

As you guys know more of the mage class than i do, am i on the right path? is it worth the way? for the fire mage? or should i find another spec that its top dps.

Sorry for the long run, but this really concerned me and i had to ask you guys.

Thankyou, cheers :slight_smile:

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Playing the overpowered FOTM class/spec never ends well and I’m 100% against it but don’t let that fool you, I’ll be completely impartial.

First and most important, you don’t even have a legendary yet.

Second, you are low ilvl so it’s obvious you won’t be topping the metters even if your rotation is fine.

Third, even if you memorize the rotation from a website, knowing when to use X or Y takes practice, even more if you only played healers which for the most part have no rotations or offensive cooldowns.

About it being worth or not, you can never go wrong with Mage, even if they nerf Fire to the ground, you’ll still have at least 1 competitive spec no matter what.

Fire can quite easily top the dps meters if you’re just going to pug anyway. Your problem is probably a combination of gear and skill, and I don’t mean that in a mean way. Let’s look at the situation a little bit closer.

First of all, what kind of content are you doing on your mage? Your ilvl is 186, so to compete, you wouldn’t want to go against people with +200 ilvl, because even if you played well you could still just lose because there isn’t a mathematical way for you to beat them on DPS. So before you get too disappointed yourself, try to see if you’re even having a competition to begin with.

Next point. You seem to be a fairly new player who hasn’t really been a DPS before, and on top of that you’re playing a new class and spec. I’d quite honestly be shocked if you could do your rotation without any mistakes. So yes, I’m also suggesting that you probably do need to work on your playing before being able to top the meters in any content. But don’t take it personally, very few people play this game or their spec correctly (hence why you’ll be able to beat them in DPS).

I guess in the end I’d definitely tell you that you’ve picked a spec that can quite easily top the meters when the gear and the skill come together. Getting to that point is the harder part. This won’t change no matter what spec/class you decide to play though, an element of mastery is always present. Going forward, I’d recommend a couple resources for you which you might or might not be aware of yet.

  • is a place for you to track your own performance inside raids. Simply search for your own character and then take a look at your logs. The numbers go from 0-100, with 0 being the worst, and 100 meaning you’re the best player for your spec on that fight. Aiming for a 99 is a good way to get better, as that means you’re in the top 1%. Read this to start logging your own raids .

  • If you’ve ever heard of someone saying to just sim it, this is it. You can download an addon called SimulationCraft on top of this, and with that you’ll just do /simc (copy all the data) and then paste it to the website. Quite easy to use on an elementary level. Whenever you get a new piece of gear, use this site to make sure it’s an upgrade.

  • Is the mage discord. Place has all the best mages around the world, and a bunch of resources on top of channels where you can ask questions. No, voice chat is not necessary. They also have a bunch of guides and other stuff in the #resource-guides channel.

Spend some time to get familiar with these tools I’ve given you here. I would help you further, but I can’t without some data (warcraftlogs). Go do a raid and have a log, see how that goes. You can also use by yourself to analyze some of your mistakes, just know that this isn’t perfect. But to get rid of errors you could also analyze the best log on a fight by some other mage, see what kind of “mistakes” they’re doing to get an accurate idea of what you’re doing right and wrong.

thankyou very much, this is very very helpfull :smile:

Fire mage in PvE requires a tank to pull around Ur combust in PvE, if they don’t it can hurt your DPS alot.

Fire ST isn’t good at the level your at. Once you have gear, conduits, leggo it gets much better fast. It’s not the best spec in the game for damage but in nearly all situations it’s top 5.

If you want some fun with fire, try the following macro when at full stacks for both Fire blast and phoenix flames.

/castsequence reset=25, Combustion, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast, Pyroblast, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast, Pyroblast, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast, Pyroblast, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast, Pyroblast, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast, Pyroblast

You still need to get used to casting manually for proper maintaining a dps rotation during long fights, but its great for deleting stuff.

The above castsequence is kinda odd.

Since you are under the effect of combustion after pyro huts it will crit so you will gain heating up right? I see that you are using Phoenix Flames and fireblast back to back after using pyroblast. That will make you actually lose a free pyro.
Also you should combust while you have an instant pyro. So i believe the castsequence should be something like this:

Combustion, Pyro, PF, Pyro, FB, Pyro, PF, Pyro, FB, Pyro, PF, Pyro, FB

Na, you should just combust on cd. He’s not precasting, just bang bang bang.

That macro makes me feel dirty and not in a good way.

I actually use a fireball or greater pyro before using that macro, so it does work out. :smiley:

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