Firemaw queue

6500 person queue ~2hr wait time for Firemaw. This is about 2000 larger than I’ve ever seen it… so clearly you’ve done something in the last day or two Blizzard. I am starting to see posts on the forums daily about this and not one single official response.

You desperately need to implement a fix here… what if this continues into Sunwell release and multiple people are missing from each guild’s raid teams? Are they just meant to pug? Once again you put the communities at the bottom of your priorities.

Do I dare to ask if you’ve considered what happens when thousands of old Firemaw players return for WOTLK…?

11/05/2022 17:45 - 7700 queue on Firemaw.
Please Blizzard… expand server capacity. Plenty of posts discussing lack of layers too. Do anything…?!
12/05/2022 19:45 - 7500 queue on Firemaw (eta 120 mins)
15/05/2022 17:06 - 9000 queue on Firemaw (eta 180 minutes. Queue moving MUCH slower than that, probably more like 200 minutes, over 3 hours).
18/05/2022 17:54 - 8000 queue on Firemaw (eta 2 hours 50 minutes).


Free transfer available - I took it :+1:

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Not to be the one -… but anyway.

and when I say I want to go to a low pop server because of Wrath, everybody screams: “What are you gouing to do there all alone” . Now I have my answer: “Play with all the returning players of course!”

when you make a ticket about the queue issue, they tell you to post your issues here on the forum so they can be further ignored

free transfers are no option, other servers are dead, you need other people (not bots) to play this game.

monthly sub and you can’t even play the game, please act


Yeah, I got the same response when I made a ticket at the start of Covid in 2020. Every now and then I post something generic in the hope they do something


I hope to free transfer. Golemagg to die for alianc

Free transfer is available to golemagg

I hope the que goes to 12000 at 6 pm at some point so people will finally leave and let us play the game properly thanks

Dont worry. Your lowpop realms will be filled with people chasing their fake server first achievements, raids included. A sad buch of people but you certainly wont be on a lowpop for too long

Now everybody suddenly agree, that’s what I have been saying ever since the news of Wrath!

Why are we hard stuck at 4 layers? its ridiculous.

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Sure there are options, free even.
Horde to Gehenas, Golemag and Mirage.
Alliance to Earthshaker or any pve server.

Free Transfers are not opened for PvP → PvE

How is it blizzards fault if you all wanna play on the same server? The only thing they can do is lock firemaw, which you’d all cry about anyway. This is a community made problem and good luck fixing it.


Yes, but the community is stupid and you need to restrict them to what they can do.


It’s obviously NOT a community made problem, but a Blizzard problem.

PCT was a horrible idea and should never have seen daylight without restrictions and/or connected realms. Any person of normal intelligence can understand this.


meanwhile there is a 60min queue again

5k que yesterday, 4.4k que today…eh, so much for playing after coming home in the evening ;o
Good thing i have plenty of other games to play.
Honestly, at this point, they should just merge servers, plenty are low pop and or almost dead.
Btw, can anyone explain why there are so many literally 0 pop servers for classic? Like, why are they still up and running? Logic dictates they should be just shut down.

just merge all the servers and layer it all

realm communities are thing of classic vanilla, not so much in tbc