"Fish in a Bucket" Updated

With a hotfix, we’ve just made the following update on all Classic Era realms, including Hardcore realms:

  • Completing “Fish in a Bucket” no longer rewards gold.

This change was originally made in patch 2.0.10 and works well in Classic Era/Hardcore, as the original quest provided an uncontested, single-faction, infinitely repeatable, low risk gold reward that does not comport with the nature of the rest of the game.

We’ll continue to monitor for situations like this one and if necessary, we’ll take further steps to promote player interactions and Classic gameplay.


But farming Stratholme with bots still awards gold?


Glad you fixed this very important issue. Finally some resources to roll back the pvp system and kill the bot infestation?

Or is the team working on that annoying little bug that sometimes not all your bags open when you do shift-B for the next year?


What’s wrong with you at Blizzard HQ?


Ya see Blizzard this is why a lot of people are fed up with you as a company, you are utterly clueless how to manage a game.


You’ve gone too far Blizzard! Too far! You take my shellfish away, hm? Well, if you’re going to ‘fix’ the game, I demand my Mind Blast no longer generate extra threat! angry fist

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