Flamelash <Leftovers>

cute or sad, i can’t decide

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I had a few whispered with verbal abuse from level 1’s, just gotta ignore the stupidity :slight_smile:

alot of our guys get the lvl 1 tourists whisper us all the time, we have inquisitor Darkholme that almost all the time has admin role on world chat banning every rude/troll/annoying tourist.
the tourists most of the time ask the same questions of why we stayed what are our plans and how sad they are about us…
even though i personally stayed here on my own, deliberately lol

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People complained when you left, when they arrived to ES, when you stay, and when you post.

Don’t let the idiots get to you, mad respect for staying, hope this sh*t gets sorted.


U did great today in IF ! dont let the numbers of the horde scare u… stay united and strong, u guys have a really good chance here to rebuild the alliance and cash in some juicy ranks for ur guild!
wish all u guys good luck !

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Weak players are gone. You have a brilliant chance to re-build competitive army. To support you I won’t attack as 1st till situation will be better. I never ever though about transfer as an option for easier living in WoW so I see them as a weak and cowardish players who shoud go back to retail. Even though you personally ganked me with Darkholm 2v1, I’m glad that I have opponents like you are. Stay strong and cya in the battlefields!

pls pls pls stay, we need some alliance


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As a horde and proud player of this server,i wont attack any alliance going to Brd or in any other dungeon at Blackrockmountain unless i get attacked so i have to defend myself.We respect that you stayed at this server and our horde side must help your try of rebuilding!Great job guys!

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Good luck from myself and Seven, stay strong!


I am truly happy for you guys on the Alliance side. Although you are few, you have the opportunity to create a great thight-knit community, where people know and help each other and share many great moments in the game.

Thank you, Kitty for standing up to the occaision and putting the effort to unite the people of your faction.

I reflected upon what it means for our server to loose so many Alliance players and this made me realise how integral to the WoW experience interaction with the opposite faction is.

Please share if there is anything we can do to improve your experience of the game in our server, just as Kalell suggested.

I’d also like to ask if there is a discord channel, where we can all come together and have casual conversations whilst playing?

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Big respect for staying on server, hope u guys manage to rebuild community on ally side.

Who the hell do you think you are? Hiding behind a BFA profile hate posting on anything and everything positive about Flamelash.

Go get a life or just play the game, either way take your salty bitterness elsewhere, no one here cares for your arrogance and petty mind set.

People left on Flamelash are entitled to continue playing the game and rebuild their server. The community feel to the server feels a lot better now and will endure.

No doubt you are one of the toxic whiners who couldn’t fight back so decided to turn tail and run elsewhere and are now desperate to see Flamelash fail to reinforce your own insecurities. The fact that you are so interested and keep posting re Flamelash is quite frankly obvious and embarrassing, get over yourself.


You don’t get the point, i’m just pointing out the fact that horde is toxic, mocking alliance players with “go to retail” “don’t roll on a pvp serv, go pve” “we win, alliance loose”

And suddenly, horde seems nice with the few alliance players, lmao wtf

I prefer to see based horde players mocking the last alliance players and being toxic like usual, rather than this pathethic comedy

I’m just so happy to see a realm where the alliance made a really smart move (migration) and let the horde alone, because you totally deserve it

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Or maybe, the Horde that are left on Flamelash aren’t the toxic a*holes and those all followed their Alliance friends to Earthshaker?

Did you see the post where Earthshaker Alliance are now complaining they are getting camped?

Either way your final paragraph sums you up, “happy” to see servers fail is what you really mean. I rest my case, you are just insecure and more interested in hating Flamelash instead of just getting on with your own game.

As for “this pathetic comedy”, the OP and i have been in regular contact since this thread and things are looking up, sorry to disappoint you.

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My own game is just raidlogging because i don’t have time for other things

I’m not hating Flamelash, actually, this is the funniest sh*t i’ve ever read since the beginning of classic, all theses videos of horde populating ironforge, theses threads on every classic forum (eu and us), the master plan of the alliance (leaving just before the limit)

Trust me, more reasons to laugh at the situation that hate in me

BTW look the meme on reddit, you will understand that flamelash is a meme now, or just look ingame, all the tourists level 1 in ironforge with “deadserver” or “lastplayer”, this is so hilarious to watch

Go get a life :slight_smile: go outside to see the sun, son :slight_smile: You won’t succed here.

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Thank you for your comment, have a nice day

You too :slight_smile:


oh im not a gm of the guild, im just one of the officers

“Stay united and strong, wish all u guys good luck”
Is allways ganking in Ironforge when i’m on my level 1 tourist

pick one please

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