Flamelash <Leftovers>

Guild < Leftovers > the only guild that exists in flamelash, is looking for everyone that got left or dont know what the hell is going on in the realm. We are a group of people from all of the ex guilds that left the server, in the matter of hours we managed to bring 26+ people (big majority of lvl 60s) inside our community and start working on plans for the guild. We even got our precious Ironforge city back from the scum horde hands. If you have nowhere to go and you still want to play the game join us, because hey theres really nowhere to go.
Also we can sometimes snag world chat admin and ban all thoose annoying level 1 doomsayers and spammers in chat…

If you want to join /who Leftovers and write to anyone, im sure they will help you as long as you are not level 1 (prohibited due to doomsayers)

edit 12/06 58 people in the guild so far
edit 12/06 150+ people in the guild so far… growing fast
edit 12/07 200+ people
edit 12/07 300+ people 71 lvl 60s
edit 12/11 650+ people not even sure how much 60s… but thered alot


I respect this, stay positive.


let me faction transfer and i’m there with you.


Stay positive guys and sorry for the harsh week this might be since all the pvpers want atleast 15 kills this week, you might wind up getting camped but it will only be this week, get through this week and stuff will be better. :slightly_smiling_face:

No hard feelings.

You did the right choise and stayed. Enjoy your free rank 14’s when bg’s ate out.

Good Morning Flamelash, I am the guild leader of Warlords and also one of the leaders of the Flamelash Horde Coalition which consists of 8 Horde raiding guilds (was 10 yesterday).

Kitty, I wish you all the best in rebuilding the Alliance side of the server, in order to help build a better overall community on the server, I will reach out and say that whilst I don’t speak for all the Horde who remain on the server I can offer you a line of communication with the largest remaining block via our coalition (approx. 400 players).

Please feel free to contact me on discord : Kal#4238, and we can have a chat about what we can do to ensure you and the remaining Alliance don’t run into too much bad behaviour from the Horde going forward.

For any Horde who stayed on the server and are now wondering what they do next. The Flamelash Horde Coalition consists of 8 Raiding Guilds, some of which will be looking to replenish their ranks. I would be more than happy to try and help you find a home if you are looking for a new Raiding Guild.

If you are a smaller/medium sized Horde guild worried about being able to fill your raids going forward, you would be welcome to join the Coalition and use the pool of available players there in a responsible fashion. If this is something of interest to you then please arrange for your Guild Leaders/Officers to get in touch with me to discuss further. Again, if you want to get hold of me to have a chat you can contact me on discord : Kal#4238.


No :slight_smile:

Stay strong guys :wink:

Much respect for the Alliance that dident move, and is now trying to get raiding guild up and running. I stopped farming honor 1½ week ago cus i knew alliance were getting corpsecamped even in the citys, so i feel with you, lets hope ppl will open their eyes to this, and stop camping IF etc and that blizz will adress this issue!


Stay with it guys and the best of luck. I honestly wish we could arrange it so you guys can reach blackrock mountain to raid unmolested.


as of right now we have 33 members and 15 of them are lvl 60s, 5 of them are 55+.
We might consider doing onyxia soon!

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We must protect the endangered species :sweat_smile: get in touch with Kal and join our discord =]

/respect and may it bring honor to this realm.

/respect to your defence of Ironforge last night, dude :slight_smile:


Respect, and good luck building up your guild. :slight_smile:

Man we did some pvp today!
Thumps up and respect!
Whatever you want you can say it here and we will help!

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Much respect to the alliance sticking it out here. I doubt Blizzard will do anything to help our server, so as players we have to come together to try and salvage things the best we can.
Please keep contact with us and let us know if we can help in any way, I’d be happy to pitch in my efforts at least.

Hopefully you can endure this week of world pvp ganking before BGs launch next week. It should dramatically reduce then. Looking forward to seeing your efforts on here as the lone wolves for now.

I stayed in this realm, got few whispers from people that this place is burning down and that I should migrate, but eh, decided to stay. But hey, I also joined Leftovers, and people are chill there. i like the fact that that community decided to group up and try to salvage this mess.

Also found one cool orc who helped me level in Badlands (assisted me in killing mobs, and i hope you’re reading this), so it’s not all that bad.

well to the people who attacked and defended Ironforge today i want to say thankyou, you keep the server alive at theese times, and show that even the not that populated and forgotten servers can have some fun. every day our guild gets alot of new amazing people, generally our Gchat is now world chat of people from 1-60 looking for dungeons, pvp, trading, or just chatting in general. The alliance side is indeed struggling, and we will get in touch with you guys, we have some things we want to discuss that will greatly help the alliance side of things, but it requires abit of cooperation, once we decide on stuff, we will let you know.

And yes. We won, you didnt took our king down :wink:


The guild stands strong. Over 150 people in guild right now. Onyxia, MC will definitely be downed soon. Thank you people for your help and support!