Flamelash needs help now blizz

I am here to warn you blizzard the server is dying and we need a solution to this problem.

When all the alliance left half our guild wasnt online, so we decided to stay, which was a mistake. I want you to merge 2 servers so we atleast have some semblance of world pvp.

This is your problem and should not be solved by extorting more money out of people for a problem you created. You have until my sub runs out, if nothing is done I am leaving and so are many others.


Flamelash’ trash community killed itself. Help it rebuild and improve or move, ezpz lul.


…said the Nucleus Pro Member.

How fûcked is ranking on alliance side right now for Flamelash? What’s the pool size?:^)

If Blizzard expects to have this problem fixed by 25€ transfers, which they will, then we’ll have leftovers of Leftovers on Flamelash that didnt budge who MAYBE get their server shut down resulting in free transfers or a merge of a kind. Maybe. Otherwise they’ll keep being silent, hinting at “reroll, quit or 25€”

Would this ‘maybe’ be done in relevant time tho? During the ranking grind that’s happening right now? Would it be fast like the ‘near future’ we got for paid transfers which turned out to be 1 f*cking week?

You can’t make this shît up. I feel sorry for any enthusiastic workers on the Classic Project who are probably being cucked for MORE MONETIZATION THANKS OVERLORD BOBBY KOTDICK


Nucleus brought more relevance to that server than any Guild, fool. There’s a reason the Server died instantly after all competitive Guilds left, they’re the only ones keeping Servers alive. Flamelash always lacked them in first place which was a huge reason for the innovation of Nucleus.

Guilds make servers.
Players make & represent guilds.
The Flamelash community killed itself, don’t take it out on Blizzard boys.

Ok Nucleus Proomer but this post isn’t about your guild so go shill somewhere else. Thanks babycakes.

My post has relevance to the thread.

“Guilds make servers.
Players make & represent guilds.
The Flamelash community killed itself, don’t take it out on Blizzard boys.”

-Help Rebuild, or gitcho *$$ outta here.

Didnt nucleus pro guild leader ninja all the items from guild bank and disband the guild?

Your guild has always been very toxic and so has your members tbh. Since you are no longer part of flamelash, please keep quiet.


Sounds like you drank a lil too much that Christmas bruh, I’m having a good time watching everything play out like I anticipated. Nucleus staff upheld way too much honor to ever ninja anything so don’t spread fake rumors like some insecure teenage girl, whoever told you that crap is a dummy. Nucleus was founded being non-possessive, a community meant to add something to the Server unlike the majority of casual Guilds that start without actual reason or just chase ‘name pride’. As their Head Management I never even got to 60 while having played Flamelash’ since release seeing I valued their insane growth so much more (Carrying players on a wack Server like that in a fresh Guild to GlobalTop50 Speedkill logs (at the time) is no light task). So don’t spread BS bruh.

Regarding this thread, I did my effort to spread some actual advice that I stand by. You may agree or disagree with it but don’t be a dummy boy man, I’m sure you can be better than that and it really doesn’t get to me mate.

-If you want a stable & disciplined Server Community, you need good Guilds.
The problem with Flamelash has always been since the start that there are way too many bad players to have a healthy number of good Guilds (seeing everyone now has a ‘BFA mentality’). Horde only ever had 2 TopGuilds and the Alliance wheren’t spoiled with them either. The only Guild I ever saw people talking/discussing about wether they hated it or loved it, was ours on the Horde side. I insisted on having a Guild with a reputation, when you have a lot of Guilds like that the Server simply becomes pure entertainment, there’s rivalry, server competition & server reputation. Many aspects that Nucleus actually introduced. All that was gone upon us being forced to resign. The Alliance lost their rivalry & competition upon that (we were their number #1 strike target). Our Guild Coalition dropped the ball. There was not a lot to fight for regarding a majority of Guilds, when that happens and you’re being camped with a free Server Transfer tagged on your Character Screen it’s the only logical thing to do. The Alliance would’ve never transferred if the Server wasn’t a stale shethole in the first place mate. A whole psychology comes with that.

I really do experience and feel things like I do above, I’ve seen & practiced WoW from every angle (Guildmaster/Gamemaster/Marketing/Moderation/HardcorePlayer), I came to Flamelash with 9 years FRESH High End (Rank 1 Included) Private Server EXP. When you ride with the ‘Pserver Wave’ for that long and INTENSIVELY you start realising the psychological process of players. What people look for in those servers, and what kills them. Nucleus was NOT my first Guild. Seeing Servers like Flamelash die I’ve seen dozens of times by now. ACTUAL experiences, not me here trying to spew some bullshet. Flamelash’ issues actively being addressed in the Media might help it. But the number of influential players that left Flamelash who always tried to make the Server work no matter how bad things were -in the first place-, are not returning. And that’s a HUGE loss. If people want Flamelash to have glory, they better take their hands out of their pockets.

The above is all very relevant information that you might wanna take with on your thought process, one thing people ABSOLUTELY do NOT realise is that Flamelash’ ‘initial-before-the-drama-balance’ was 40A-60H and it generally REALLY DOESN’T GET MUCH better than that. There was NOTHING to complain about for the Alliance, there’s many Servers that had it way worse at the time that could’ve become the ‘Global Clown Server’ as Flamelash is now known as, just think about that.

I know for a fact that Flamelash did not die because of ‘imbalance’, like many assume e.g. the American boys that preach without ever having stepped foot on that Server.

Can’t really be biased seeing I don’t play the game anymore, but my honest suggestion for actual players that value a healthy Server, Flamelash is NOT a good option. That’s not something that came with the Server dieing, just how it was since release.

My personal dilemma back then was starting Nucleus or Server-Transferring.
With that, joining us or Server-Transferring for a majority of players that agreed to MY mindset became THEIR dilemma because we added something unique that other Guilds simply didn’t have, if we couldn’t I wouldn’t have started a Guild, I’m practical not delusional. Nucleus actually stopped a LOT of players from transferring, and not just people in our own Guild really.
I’ve been in tons of Discord meetings with Alliance TopGuilds, they actually valued having competition as I mentioned earlier, the server without us simply felt really “hollow”. If the Alliance TopGuilds aren’t satisfied and they wanna drop the ball, it means that the Alliance would simply be run over- it’d be a bunch of Casuals left that can’t organize WPvP for shet, let’s be realistic on that. And that’s where the real IMBALANCE started getting shape and people in Discord Groups & meetings will start discussing of wether they should leave too because they’re chanceless. That’s the chronological order you should actually review. There’s obviously truth in the server dieing now to imbalance, but that itself is not what caused it as players assume. It’s the horrible general player mentality that did. Too many bad players I’ll repeat.

I’m someone who spent 8 hours a day from a Recruitment Officer position talking to people on the Server, a realist and a deep thinker. Everything was very casual there, I’m not really surprised people don’t really see the real reasons that Flamelash died.

But I can tell you fully convinced, it’s not Blizzard. It’s the people, it’s you.

Just to clarify, by bad players I’m strictly talking about their mentality and will to help the Server community build with a genuine lack of understanding of social fundamentals, it’s not regarding skill though that really lacked aswell which I found to be true taking the role leading the first Hardcore Guild on Flamelash that intensively educates and measures their own players.

Indeed that can be worked on, I coped with a bunch of trash.
But you can’t control people’s mentality towards the game.
Nucleus stopped because too many players lacked the mentality that I experienced on other Servers. There was no point in maintaining to run a Hardcore Guild on a Casual Server after having dealt with repetitive backstabbers which ultimately costed the majority of our Core. The few actual Hardcore players we did have were advised to go to other Servers aswell.
Most of the players that now claim to help ‘rebuild’ Flamelash never built anything in the first place.

Nucleus Former GM
Flamelash Doom Theorist

Wow such a long post, seems like someone is trying to defend themselves.

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Defend what? I’ve got nothing left to defend here, goofy.
You ride waves and auto assume/dislike me cause I’m Nucleus cause you “somewhere heard we ninjad an item and disbanded our Guild to follow up on that”. Big yikes. It’s like talking to a 15 year old girl.
Grow some balls bruv.
Flamelash already suffering enough beta males.

You talk a hell of a lot of BS for someone who didn’t even hit 60, then you wonder why your guild fell apart lmao. Reading some of the BS you are spouting here it seems you must have mental health issues IRL. Run along now and take your meds.


and cause you did such an awsome job at it, you had to disband your guild XD
a guild that was hated by both horde and alliance. also when will you for the love of god finaly get to 60? its not like you actualy have anything better to do atm. or did yolu actualy go back to retail?


wow its incredible how out of touch with reality a human being can be.
you buddy, are the perfect example of a narcissistic pathological liar who cant even tell the truth about the color of shoes hes wearing to himself.

for your information: your guild was the most hated on the server not cause people were jealous of your performance (which btw was pretty average to say the least) but because you guys were cultivating toxicity on an everyday basis whether through constant poaching, ninja looting or just by being d!ckheads to the people you interacted with.
you say that your goal was to make the most hardcore guild on the server but that the server was lacking “good players”…
well guess what buddy u were the one who still recruited those “trash players” cause if i had 1g for every player that got whispered to join nucleus poo i could probably buy 5 of those cloudkeepers your guild tried to scam people with.
you said that you were “the nr 1 strike target” of the alliance…
i would rather call it as the nr 1 laughing stock and i honestly believe that they were just amused by you and all the drama that you brought.
with the amount of toxicity you were surrounded it was just a matter of time till you guys ate up yourselves and only the bones were left which in this case is you.

im still wondering though how after all these events someone can be so delusional but i guess its hard to explain to the crazy one that hes crazy…


Lol clearly you goofs didn’t read anything I said, only low randoms noone ever heard of replying here anyway.

Happy 2020 y’all.

Just go and disappear Heed, you are an irrelevant nonce.


says the guy giveing up on the game before hitting lvl 60 :slight_smile:

i am also still curious if your guild was so ‘awsome’ why was it forced to disbanded, i am pretty sure that something like that doesnt happen if your the best guildmaster a guild can dream off. it happens when you do BS people dont like. and if you really had balls you wouldnt have tried to rebrand nucleus poo, you would have stuck with it, weather the storm and shown every one who is boss. and yet you took the easy way out.
to the point you eaven stoped playing, cause people werent hardcore enough? pretty weak hardcore you got if you cant eaven deal with a lil set back created by your own toxcity :slight_smile:


I thought i smelt hog roast when i entered this forum, then i just realised it was only Heed getting burnt, again and again and …


I understand y’all mad playin’ on a dead server and all, don’t take it out on me boys.
CBA really reacting to false BS.

The only thing mad in this thread is you, seriously dude go see a Psychiatrist, you have real issues and are the definition of a loser.


Can this be Flamelash’s first copy pasta?