Fly Into Endless Adventures Astride the Auspicious Arborwyrm Mount

Fly Into Endless Adventures Astride the Auspicious Arborwyrm Mount

Adventure awaits in the skies and on the ground when you add mounts and pets to an ever-expanding collection.

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No thank you, I’ll keep my monies.


wish i could dislike posts here


They say mount not available in Classic. I received both the mount and pet in Wrath of The Lich King Classic which I don’t mind because I have been playing Wrath more recently.

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Negative nancies everywhere. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything. And it comes for free with a 6 or 12 month sub,so whats the problem?
Sounds like a broke peoples problem to me

Mostlikely that most ingame mounts are more or less recolours and lack being unique, while we allready pay a lot for the basegame + expansions and a sub. Not to mention that the services of this game are way more expensive than many other games.

On top of that instead of getting new stuff, we mostly get reused stuff.

Hello S4 that reuses sets + Setboni

Sounds like you are just a mindless sheep to me


Sorry , I dont speak poor

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It’s alright but I’d rather have that owlbear mount from the year sub on the shop separately.

i’ve been waiting for this to cancel my sub so sorry if i am disappointed in a reskin of already existing mount


This has nothing to do with being poor.

Its about not supporting bad business practices.

When McDonalds starts to sell their products for lets say double, while also reducing the quality of their menue… only a fool would keep buying that. Same is happening to Blizzards products.

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When did Blizzard start selling the products for double? Did I miss something? Not arguing, it’s a serious question. I don’t have prices for expansions and such in my memory anymore. I’m assuming things got a tad more expensive, but they couldn’t have gotten twice as expensive, or?

No, the doubling was just an example.

But Blizzard definitly increased the prices. The service-prices for example all gone up by 25%

The expansions also gotten more expensive. + offers bigger packs.
Sadly I cant remember the old price, but I know it was cheaper since I was a teen and could afford it (I think it also gone up by 25% or something)

It doesn’t come for free.
It comes with a +100euro price tag.

Don’t be delusional. Blue-posts would have voting disabled then…

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No, its an incentive to commit to a 6 month sub which is cheaper than 6 individual subs of a month. Your take is just as disingenuous at “the other sides”.


It was 22€ for a 2 months sub card :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: 11€ per month… now the 6 months sub costs… oh still 11€ per month?… jeez, that went up a lot.

Do 100€ divided by 12 months and tell me the result you’re going to spend per month :wink:

Not talking about the sub… that doesnt really have changed.

The services and the expansions increased a lot.

It is easier to pay 12-15 bucks a month for 6 than it is to pay 100 bucks once a month, especially in times like this.

Also it means you have to commit yourself to the game for 6 months.

I personally no longer play the game for that long because the quality is gone down so much + there are a lot of other cool games …

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I got the year sub items.
Are they to my taste? No
Does it matter? No
They’re just extras, would have got the sub with or without them.


This is ugly and the worst reward evar

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Appalling to Pandaren and Druids at the same time, are we?

This should be right up my alley, but… nah.

It’s just a random model dug out of nowhere. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about WoW is all the backgrounds behind everything you see. What’s this? Random tree grows every 60 years? And then we have it forever somehow? What? Get outta here

Doesn’t look good either.

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