Flying Horses in Shadowlands

So this was confirmed by Wowhead.

Can you please include Midnight in this? Please?

Reasons -

  1. it’s a supernatural horse just like the others.
  2. It has horns.
  3. Even the ORIGINAL Midnight flew.
  4. Surely this qualifies as a nightmare, look at it.

Link 4 da lazy


Fanks Lxser! :kiss:


But i guess some mounts do just become irrelevant as soon as you get flying so…
I don’t care too much.
I see no reason why they would selectively decide which mounts cant fly though if they’re making horses fly.

In my headcanon (or not so much just that anymore, it seems) I can understand why the supernatural horses could fly. But yeah I get you.

What about me trusty goats then!?


Sod the goats, what about my Alpacca’s ?


Sheep and Llamas aren’t included, sorry.

I knew going forward then left non-stop in that maze for 3 hours would pay off eventually!


The real question is whether or not Lil’ Donkey can fly…


Imagine it flying in its jumping state legs flat out… that would be hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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li’l Donkey… li’l Donkey… On the dusty runway…"

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Lucid Nightmare will be able to fly!
Good Luck in maze bro~

What is the catch, is there some pathfinder thrown here or there, or some rep grind?

I hate horses! Thats why I dont defend “Stables” in AB BG.

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But you play Alliance
( Not sure if serious :thinking: )

I am most delighted about this since I love my Wild Dreamrunner.
But I also sent a request to Blizzard to give the Dreamrunner fancy white wings. It would fit its beauty so well and there are pegasi in mythology, so it definitely is better style than a regular horse riding on air. (And I am aware it is difficult to do it without clipping issues, but I have seen it work with that bat horse. It’s not a severe problem like the parrot mounts.)
They could even make the (seemingly solid) wings invisible and spawn magically with some particle effects once you take off, then there is also no clipping issue in landed state. (Or some kind of compromise that doesn’t make them look crippled.)

Confirmed, Kaløyan has an unstable personality.

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Lets hope they never bring in flying sheep…


Yes! 10000 times yes!

Would love to use it anytime :heart:

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