Follower Dungeons - Initial Daily Limit

With Follower Dungeons arriving next week in the Seeds of Renewal content update, we’ve added some precautionary measures for the feature’s initial release to help ensure a smooth experience for all players. The initial limit will be that a maximum of 10 Follower Dungeons can be started per day per account.

Note that a Follower Dungeon, which can only be run at Normal difficulty, will be considered as ‘started’ once the instance is created and that regular non-Follower dungeons with players will not be impacted by this limit.

We will actively monitor the impact of this feature once it’s live in all regions and look into adjusting the limit at some point in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


Seems fair. It’s designed for new players, not for farmers.



I’m sure lots of people will be curious in the first week or two, trying it out to see what they can get the Followers to do, so avoiding the over-use makes sense.

And 10 Normals per day is as much - or more - than any normal player might need.


At the pace it takes to complete normally if you did nothing but jammed them back to back as efficiently as possible without over gearing it’d take you about 2-3 hours to cap, for most people not doing that it’d take 4+. Per day.

That is, as you say, more than enough runs.


Who on earth would have the time and patience to do 10 a day anyway?!

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You’d be surprised!

I think we’ll at least try 1 to see how badly the AI team members work :smiley:

this is SoloQ for pve

this is just the start, and i welcome all forms of SOLO Queue in all content


Was planning on leveling characters in them. You announce the feature and then hit out with this 4 days before it comes out.


Yeah, I can’t imagine doing more than a couple a day really.
Even if these were a great way to level alts (I doubt they will be) I’d still only do a handful a day. Will they even be available below level 70?

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It’s been announced it’s for level 60-70.

Why would you guess that?

In the Seeds of Renewal, players level 60-70 will have the opportunity to play through Normal difficulty Dragonflight dungeons solo, or with friends, with a little help from a few NPC teammates.

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Will we be able to hit /follow on the healer?

Asking for a friend.


Because they’ve not given us great ways to level alts recently.
Back in WoD we had 300% potions which with Bonus Objectives could go 90 - 100 in an afternoon.
In Legion we had Invasions which with Heirlooms gave around 110% of a level per invasion.

In SL we had Treads of Fate which was probably slower than just doing the campaign.

They don’t seem to want us leveling alts quickly or easily. They want us replaying the same 3 or 4 zones over and over again.

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My understanding is that these AI dungeons give diminished XP anyway, so any other form of leveling is probably faster.

What kind of gear will this give?
Probably pretty bad if any at all. I have a bunch of Dreasmsurge stuff in an alt’s bank which I assume will be much better than it.

It seems to be really crap for xp, from what I’ve read. In that sense it seems more like a story and learning mode than a replacement for LFD, for now at least.

What’s their problem with people leveling how they want? The forcing people down one boring path is what makes people hate it. It’s nothing but frustrating.

Why on earth do you keep insisting on telling people how to play the game? I mean, I didn’t expect anything BUT a cap. Blizzard would probably implode if a feature was introduced without a cap to it. But if someone wanted to let’s say learn how to run dungeons or how to tank or how to even play your game, why on gods’ green earth do you want to limit that to 10 attempts per day and then no more. What even the hell is this for. Do you really think people want to farm gear with braindead bots at their side? Really now? Is that the issue here? Mythic progression with bots? Come the fug on.

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Why? Just why?

Sigh, once again Blizzard takes the gun to it’s own foot.

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I don’t know how many dungeons I do when it’s levelling spam. I just blast through them to do it asap.

I don’t see an issue with a limit though, I guess time will tell.