Forcing players to log in everyday is unhealthy!

Stuff like Covenant Callings are okay. They don’t have much power increase if any, they aren’t that forced, you can do it later…

But legendary acquisition is extremely unreasonable. It should be for friendly rep, not revered.

Nobody wants to be prevented from playing because they don’t have legendary and start playing only after months of daily chores. That’s extremely unreasonable.
Why are modern systems crafted to prevent players in playing content they enjoy?

Some people don’t want to log in every day.
Yet they might want to play with their friends.


Imagine a world where you can enjoy new content on your own pace. Taking first few days of the patch off because ‘never play on patchday’ n stuff. Just having a good time playing new content without feeling the pressure of falling behind because your uncle or w/e has birthday.
I actually dont think I can stand this design philosophy of ‘here is new content, we dont care if you like it. We will force you to play it anyway’ much longer. Will look into 10.0 just because. But I have lost faith that I will really play that addon. Because I am pretty sure they wont back off on that philosophy. And I am sick and tired of it.


I think it would be nice if you could build up a reserve of any of these daily activities, like daily quests or world quests or even daily battleground wins.

So if you didn’t do any of it one day, then it would all carry over to the second day, and then you could do twice the amount that day.
That way you wouldn’t lose out on progress if you weren’t able to play every day.

And then of course there’d be a weekly reset for everything, so a carry over period of one week maximum, which is more reasonable than one day.

It would also give players more opportunity to do more activities in one single day. For example if you want to no-life on a Saturday, then you could save up a lot of daily quests and such for that day, and then have a lot of activities that you’d be able to spend time on.


Its probably going to take me like 50 days. I can log in like 2-3 days a week. Can play longer in weekends but that doesn’t even matter due to limitations put on farming the reputation.


Vast majority of players will be the same nowadays.
And Im sure Blizzard knows that pretty well. They just dont care.
They could easily made this ‘fill a bar’-weekly like shaping fate in korthia. Four times weekly give you enough to reach revered with the option to farm rares all day to be done a day short for the tryhards. It would have been that easy. But they just dont want to.
And its actually easy to see why: they calculated which one gives them more money. Guess what. The option that sucks for the majority is the one giving them more money.
There you go.


designing a good game nowadays so people voluntarily log in daily is too much. they rather join the mobile game trend to create habbits.

if tbc got released today you probably couldnt farm all the reps at your own pace but with some 3 boring dailies limited per day


This is the reason why i quit SL. There is so much stuff you have to do to even play the game and be usefull… i just can’t. Torghast, Corthia, Callings etc… It’s not actual gameplay, you need to do all that stuff to reach true gameplay. Dont have time for that s**t and even if i had… it’s ot fun!


Make stuff non timegated again. then u can do it when ever u got time or when u want.

Who cares if some nerds does it some days before you. atleast YOU DONT HAVE TO LOG IN EVERY DAY. i used to be a big nerd and could sit 8 hours and farm rep non stop when i had time, but if u got spare time and want to be productive towards a goal why not???..

i pref just get things like that done, so i can play as i want and not being forced to do stuff every day.

some rep from daily quests for those who want that.
rep from killing certain mobs
and rep from using a tabard in dungeons… BRING IT BACK

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I myself decided to just not play shadowlands and use my sub time on tbc. Theres grind there too, but somehow i like it more then this. I wanted to give SL a chance, but i hated every bit of it once I got to max lvl.

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Netherwing Ledge anyone? Sure they might be like 7-8 dailies, but they’re the same every day, and they’re super boring.

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Imagine not having the willpower to NOT login to a video game because of FOMO… esp. if you’re not in the hyper elite category of players - like the ones going for Raid World First.

Addiction therapy requirement detected…


the amount required to reach endgame content is always too much recently,

That’s kind of a ‘You’ problem, not the game though. It shouldn’t be catering to people of the ‘go go go’ generation who want instant gratification by completing endgame content, then sit around complaining that the game has nothing to do.

You could put a reasonable wager on the fact that none of these people will have actually played the game and quested, but taken the shortest route between A-Z in order to do endgame stuff. In which case, zero sympathy. Their bed, they made it, they get to lie in it.

What happened to playing Computer games for fun? Was there a memo?

Also, I love it when people go "I am Forced to do…X "

You’re not though, are you? I mean no one is actually forcing you to do anything.

To paraphrase the quote “Your failings are your own, Young man.”


It is not a “you” problem when the game forces you to do X-content for a very long time to be able to do the Y-content you like.

And then in the SL-case the X-content is all repeatable grinding boring daily/weekly things.

What happened to making a game fun from the start instead of this miserable grinding content we got in BFA (at least from nazja-mecha patch) and SL?


Fun is the endgame to many.

Not the :poop: you have to wade through to get there.

People liking different things, crazy right?


First off they don’t exactly say you need to be online every single day if you feel the urge to be online for a legendary there is another word for. No but it’s the harsh truth, the legendary don’t rub away is it?

Again lol this statement to reach endgame Content is too much lol and again lol

We’re going to see how it is implemented. But when it is a 28 days grind; imagine you can play every other day then it is already ~2 months. But it also costs you time you can not play the fun things, so lets say you want to do it every other day you can play then it is a 4 months grind. No it does not run away. But a good system? Not my cup of tea.

Imagine then wanting to do it for an alt. Shoot me…

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Except I would play alts when I’m “done” with my main. Just like I’ve been doing now with my druid on Alliance. And now that my druid is “done”, I’m going at it on a paladin.

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Max conduits I still don’t have them and I don’t care some alts even just have a 235 legendary and also I don’t care and even don’t need it, because the power is the same anyway.

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