Forum improvements

Before I get ban again for hurting some feelings of 9 year old I add something useful.

Since mods are great at CoC and rules checking when I break them guys there should not be problem with fact checking either.

You have shown your skill and I got banned without issue so fact checking is nothing for you!

I doubt you dare to do something like that beyond random happy post and CoC and rules checking.

Perhaps something out of your league who knows.

Another : make forum friend list with


And with option to whisper our friends/people we want .

So we for example do not derail thread by accident.

Story rant : Alliance storytelling is joke spineless faction, horde story same beyond Sylvanas loyalist something interesting, it is still repeating boring cycle.

And Beatrycze check your mail.


What the actual hell, my brain hurts xD

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I’m going with “issues with auto-correct” for 20 points please Bob.


I highly think you are mod in disguise.


It begins with “cycle of hatred”


Do I need to add , so you can read by points?

me too… me too :c


No, it’s just that this sentence does not make any sense… the rest of your post does.

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If you can’t read without it I say no more about your skill and my grammar skills .

Great insult in the first line. It’s not only 9 year olds that report some of the crap you post.


Do not derail - focus on forum improvement.


So all of you who has nothing to add to forums improvements please leave.

A forum friends list could be good - like an extension of Battlenet friends or totally separate? So long as any private messaging was strictly between friends - given how much some posters dislike each other then PMs would just mean more moderator action would be required!

No that…that sentence really needs taking out back with a shotgun.

Its probably a linguistics thing, which is like, totally cool, we all speak different languages… what did you mean to say?

Oh dear. That sort of poster.

Not really a stellar example of civility and politeness on these forums yourself though are you? I mean you can be pretty abrasive towards people for very little reason, which is probably more likely to be the reason you get into bother now and then, rather than a cabal of 9 year old children reporting you.

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Isn’t this what things like Discord is for though? Is it something that would really enhance the forum experience? I’m open to it, just not sure it’s really that necessary.

If you have nothing to add to thread leave.

Yeah, discord is fine but I’d imagine that some people aren’t keen to give out their contact info (such as discord name) in a public forum.

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How about a big fat No. That is not how forums work.

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Same thing someone annoying block fixed.
Like in game.

And our mods I still can’t ignore people with hidden profiles .

Are you doing anything beyond banning?

Looking at your replies I can’t imagine why you got banned in the first place. You seem like a pillar of kindness.