Forum improvements

The forum software Blizzard uses does support these features. They would have turned it off deliberately.


For “Update” to the forums as improvements I bet.

As these essence/corruptions “improvements” which really should exist from day 1 .

Come way later and “New update” .

Small Indie company Indeed when forums improvements are being held back.

If you’re a native English speaker, you ain’t doing the language a great deal of justice…

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My suggestion for improving the forums: if you ignore someone then you shouldn’t see quotes from that person in other people’s posts.


Isn’t it compliment ? You can not tell .

I can think of a few things I would think to be great additions, one you mentioned but I’ll throw down the list anyway.

  1. Private Messaging System
  2. Alternative poses for avatar
  3. Ability to remove certain functions from our own post - like button, post count etc
  4. Progress/Exp bar to various TL ranks
  5. Suspension of ability to flag posts on bnet if repeatedly flagging in poor taste.
  6. Some forum competitions with real rewards from blizz ! Cool screenshots, fan made stories, poems, creative photoshop art, endless possibilities and great for building community further.
  7. Weekly/Monthly post from blizzard where they answer our questions without skipping any :grin:
  8. It’s the best number so I just wanted to include it :wink:

I’ll say this much; though… you’re probably better at English than I am at your native Language, but Google Translate isn’t doing you many favours.

Then you can go ahead and quote me if you dare.

Highly doubt your grammar skill can correct me and if yes I will learn something.

That’s OK… I know & work within my limitations.

You talk a lot and when challenged to your talk you keep silent.

What a shame.

I’m only fluent in English…

Maybe not the best way to start a thread if you want to be taken seriously.


I have wrote it in full seriousness.

*written - there you go.


So… by forum improvements you mean slag off everything because you’re getting suspended anyway?

Great logic there. T’paartos would be proud of these smarts.

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I have to agree, plus I think it’s just opening up a can of worms to have those kinds of features on the forums.

Can you quote it from my first post?
Or just here to trash talk?

You know what is can of worms talking and do things with people in MMORPG.

Your logic makes 0 sense.

It was even explained in the post quoted. That messaging via the forums would most likely just increase the moderation burden on the site as even more things would be reported.

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Oh well, It does if you use him smartly :blush: