Forum improvements

Why personal?

Said against it showed argument such things are daily norm in game and suddenly there is no issue.

Im a personal guy!
I want to show my dislike of somebody.

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This :point_up_2:

And, too bad, ignore expires after six months then you must repeat the ignoring process again :roll_eyes:


My suggestion is that the Mods get a bit more aggressive with the banhammer and start permabanning posters who repeatedly start threads that have nothing to do with the actual game.


Easier to run from something ,than having discussion/say why not X or y, you can’t tell when mods did such revolutionary thing.

Their precious mob !
You want too much from them unless you hurt someone feelings mods do nothing.


To ignore ppl with hidden profiles you can go to your own profile and click preferences - account - users and then add them manually there.


O_O thank you.

It would increase the workload with reporting. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

If someone writes me a vile message I’m going to report them for breach of CoC.

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What is difference in doing that in game ?

If forums would not exist they would have to do nothing.

We pay them they do job they are paid for.

I personally don’t see the benefits of a messaging system via the forums. We have so many other means open to us for that, without overloading the burden of moderators.

I think there is more than enough work with the forums alone.

I can’t say this any other way.

I agree. Allowing ppl to write pm’s on the forum would only cause drama. I know ppl have gone after forum posters and tracked them down ingame and sent some really nasty mails. Imagine if ppl could just do that over the forum instead.


I’d perma ban people who insult and are unkind.

I can think of at least two users in this thread alone.

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One of the biggest forum improvements is in our hands and involves spelling words correctly to make your posts understandable.

I’m guessing that the word ‘stall’ (which means to delay something, or a stand in a market place) is a mis spelling of ‘stale’. If you substitute the words your sentence begins to make some sense.

Another improvement would be for you to have a complete change of attitude and drop the insults and rudeness, you sound like a truculent 9yo at the moment.

What is stopping somenoe doing that thing now in game ?

And your both argument is : BAD THINGS COULD HAPPEN!?!.

Argument like do not go out side you may die … so you stay in home forever…

“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”

Holy’s thread summed up in a gif.

I’ll help you out here.

Never be the aggressor on forums but on those rare occasions that you need to be, phrase your sentences in such a manner that you have plausible deniability, the person has to connect the dots to figure that it’s an insult.

There is no better feeling than correcting someone and getting upvotes for doing so, which is why so many people leave posts in troll threads… because it’s low hanging fruit.

Always position yourself to be the victim, to do this you need to give people enough ammunition that when given the opportunity they will empty the entire clip on you.

Case in point!

See, you’re making the same mistake again, don’t insult anyone, be the more mature person.


Nothing, ppl actually do that. Takes the effort to create low level chars on servers to harrass and insult ppl. Do we really need another venue to do that on?

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So you have NO argument against my thread then?

Otherwise it would not be possible to talk/do things/being social in MMORPG by your logic.


we should stop it !!!

With that logic i am surprised you are on forums.

@Canabal I am too proud to position myself as victim.

I am disgusted with Self-Victimization

I socialise all the time om forum and in the game, fully capable to do so without pm’s on the forum. Why do u need pm’s on the forum? U can contact the ppl u wanna talk with ingame :woman_shrugging:t3:

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