Forum posts got deleted

A few of my recent forum replies (and everything else tied to it, such as notifications) got deleted without a warning. Is there any reason for that?

The post from where my replies were deleted is: What classes do you not play?

From what I can see, this is the only post you have made for 4 days on this character… did you post them on this same char (liljon) or a different character? The forums are character specific in regards to notifications.

I have posted them on this toon, yes. I’ve made two quite lenghty posts under that topic. I also didn’t change my forum character ever since Classic has been out. As I said, everything tied to my comments were deleted, even notifications about people liking my comment.

Probably fell afoul of the automated anti-spam filters. Often happens.

That’d be a first… How does that work exactly? My comments have been up for at least a few hours before deletion.

Maybe your comment was against the rules?

I’m 100% sure it wasn’t against the rules as well. I made sure I censored all profanity. The only thing I can imagine that “might have been against the rules” is a point I made about writing long feedback posts: a lot of people just cba to be longmen, so they want posts to be tl;dr-d, to which I said that that is the core of the problem, as Blizzard can’t understand / grasp how to construct the class (was talking about Paladins while making the point) BECAUSE they don’t understand / know even the smallest of details. I can imagine a salty dev deleting my posts to be a possibility (I ripped into the game heavily in my two replies under the post), but that would be the last of my assumptions, as they seem to barely read anything the players say - or when they do, they pretty much always get the wrong message. But even if it was an actual dev who deleted it, wouldn’t I get notifications about it? Or even normally.

There you go, it’s called masking and it’s against the rules, no honestly, it really is. Personally I never use them any more, I can think of other words to express my thoughts. Missing out the u, c or an i in a word still shows the meaning of the word.

Also I think I remember the posts, some where close to the knuckle.

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Oh wow, it is. Strange. I never really had an issue with this before. I guess I got lucky that my older posts did not get deleted as a result of this.