Forum Posts locked for inactivity .. how does it work?

I know that, in theory, if a forum post is not replied to within around a month, it gets locked for inactivity … but this confuses me.

I’ve looked at our realm forums and active threads are still active, and a bunch have been locked because they haven’t been replied to … HOWEVER, there are also a bunch of threads where the last reply was in October/November last year … and they’re still unlocked.

I’m wondering if they were ones that were copied over from the old forums, and have retained the “rules” from the old forums? Because I also notice that some of them have the same character replying to their own posts (which we can’t do anymore).

It would be nice, by the way, if there was a slightly different “ruleset” applied to the realm/recruitment posts. By their very nature they get less conversation on them, and often the same person (for example a recruitment officer) would want to reply to keep it up to date and live.

I noticed this myself, and I’m pretty sure that’s it. Perhaps something about the last date not having been added to the thread entry when created rather than any special rules being created for them?

Now that I think of it, I have replied twice in a row to some threads. Maybe that rule isn’t what we think it is.

Just testing to see whether I can reply to myself immediately here.

Yes I can. Indeed the rules may be more complicated than we think. If you know anyone with a recruitment thread, do you know if they have tried?

Also this: Pet Breed Survey 2019
where I made a multi-post thread.

I believe some of the older migrated topics aren’t flagging up properly. Glitsch in the matrix.

Hmm … actually, you’re right … pretty sure I’ve replied to my own replies in the past too … yet I have a recruitment thread on my realm forums, and have been unable to reply to it using the same character (but can using the same account with a different character). I’ll have to experiment, but it would be great if we could find out the exact rules … and whether or not we should be able to reply to our own threads.

edit … I tried to reply to this post and got the standard “please wait until someone else replies” message

I brought this up last week

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Yeah it’s a glitch with imported threads from the old forum that they didn’t inherit the flagging of the new forums. As the old threads are relatively small in number, we’ve mostly just been closing them as they’ve been necro’ed.

Having had a look at the forum settings, at least what I have access to, it seems the “anti-bumping” feature is a setting that applies to the forum as a whole, rather than individual sections. I’ll forward that on as it does indeed make sense for the Realm sections to be more lenient in that regard.


How are we supposed to keep an updated guild recruitment post? Update it every month on another account? Hence why the forums are so bad hate the new site.

That would be great … thank you :slight_smile:

It doesn’t need to be a different account. Most people seem to be simply switching to a different character (or perhaps sometimes they have two people doing recruitment posts … but pretty sure in the majority of cases it’s the former).

However, as mentioned earlier, and as @aerythlea kindly mentioned, it does seem a bit too strict to have the general forum rules in that regard apply to the realm posts (which, by their nature, are much less often frequented/replied to).

I don’t know if they’ll be able to make the realm forums an exception though … it might just be one of those things that, as it’s a rule applied to the parent forums, any child forums inherit the same rules.

In the meantime, it appears the only way to keep your realm forum post active, is to ensure you reply to it yourself once every 30 days (personally, I try to ensure it’s less than that, just to make sure!) albeit with a different character, alternating. See my forum post as an example … Willoh is my alt (on the same account):

By the way … I found an example of someone who seems to have managed to not need to switch characters … but it may well be due to the fact that the thread was ported over from the old forums? Delete (recruitment closed for now) - #10 by Tsumiki-lightbringer

*Edit … I’ve found another … it was created after the forums were moved over, one person created it, and then another, on the same character both times, has replied, and then replied again, with no other replies in between. So either they’ve done that “fix” or there’s just something odd going on. [H] Endurance is recruiting!

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