[H] Endurance is recruiting!

Hi there!

This keeps getting locked, but the guild is alive. I won’t repost the same thing here over and over; if you’d like to know where we are right now, please have a look at WOWProgress.

While the guild is fairly new to Lightbringer, the players are not. I’ve been on the server from the very first week, all the way back in Vanilla. I’ve raided here through most of the expansions. There are people in the guild that were there with me, back when there was just one difficulty for the raids, and the addition of heroic version of 5-man dungeons was the latest controversy. There are few more that remember the mad rush of hard modes first getting introduced to the raids, and the chase after fancy titles that they brought. All of us have been here for years now. We’ve raided at the cutting edge, we’ve also raided at a decidedly casual pace. We thought at times about transferring away to another server that’s a bit more lively, but it never lasted for anyone that tried. In the end, we’ve all accepted that we’ve been here for so long, we might as well stick it out until the lights go out. We’ve also learned over the years that it doesn’t really matter how competitive your guild is. What really matters is finding a group of people that enjoys playing together, be it hardcore or casual, progress or farm, and that keeps driving each other to be just a bit better at this game. What matters is having a guild where you just get along with people; one where you can form the group for anything on guild chat, without having to hope That One Guy does not reply. Endurance is our attempt at bringing that feeling back.

With Battle of Dazar’alor out, we’re back to progress raiding, with normal cleared on the first reset, heroic progress going nicely, and an expectation to hop into mythic at some point soon.


  • Heroic raid clears. We have achieved Ahead of the Curve in reasonable time for all the raids dating back to start of WOD. We have re-cleared heroic Uldir with our current roster, on the night the guild was formed. Now we’re progressing through Dazar’alor at a steady pace.

  • Guild Mythic Plus runs. If you are interested, and have done some mid-difficulty keys already - so you’re not completely green to them - we’ll get you into a guild group. We’ve been doing 10+ consistently in season one, and got some done on the first weekend of season 2.

  • Achievement runs. Who doesn’t want a crawg mount? We wanted a crawg mount, and now we’ve got it! We have completed Glory of the Uldir Raider couple of times, and plan on doing the same in each new tier once heroic is cleared.

  • Alt runs. This is mostly for clearing normal on alts once the raid tier is relatively new. We’re also planning on rotating alts through the main heroic raid, few at a time, if the group size can afford it and the alt itself won’t be a liability.

  • Laid back atmosphere. We’re all aware that this is just a game. We’re only interested in playing when it’s fun. There’s no “shut up when raid leader speaks” policy, and no public flogging for messing up every now and then. Our discord might be filled with utter nonsense every now and then - so brace yourself for the awkwardness - but it’s never going to be dead quiet.


  • Mythic raiding. Once we have a solid team of twenty, we’ll dive back into mythic raids. We will only bring those that are interested - so if you’d rather stop at heroic clear, that’s fine - and those that are willing to put the time and resources info learning the fights. This means repair bills, vantus runes and pots, but also knowing the ins and outs of your class.


  • Show up prepared. Keeping your gear enchanted and gemmed is bare minimum. Have flasks, food buffs and respec tomes handy for heroic raids and above. Buy your seals beforehand. Make it to the raid entrance in time. Needing a summon every now and then is fine. Expecting a summon every single time is not.

  • Play well enough to beat the current content. For normals, this effectively means “try not to be dead most of the time”, but as we move up in difficulties, we all need to do just a bit better. If you consistently end up dead on the floor, or if you’re parsing just above the tanks in damage done, we’ll point it out. We’ll do it privately, and we’ll offer help and suggestions. What we won’t do, however, is quietly accept that someone’s unwilling to listen and improve, but still expects to get their spot.

  • Communicate. Let us know if you can’t make the raid, or if you’re running late. If you need to take a break from playing, ideally tell us before the break, and not few weeks into it. If you’re unhappy about something, make sure someone knows early, so can talk things over and avoid unnecessary drama.


We are raiding on Wednesdays and Mondays, from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. On the very first reset we might add another raid for Thursday.

We plan our Mythic+ runs over guild chat or discord, so any date that other four people can make is fine - but those tend to happen on Thursday evenings and at different times of day over the weekend.

Previous raiding experience would be awesome, but we’re willing to take a leap of faith with anyone that shows some investment into their character.

If you’d like to join us, contact Pjotroos#2222 or Mindy#2281 .

I know it’s unheard of but we are looking for a healer! Preferably holy paladin or a discipline priest, all other great players welcome too.

Looking for demon hunter and some ranged dps! Healer with good dps offspec or dps with good healing offspec would be more than welcome too!

Dps please! Thank you very much!

Bump for Crucible of Storms!

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