Forum Trust Level 3

(Fluxache) #1

I’ve had one ban for blanking out a word that is commonly used on most other forums, was used in quotation marks and in context.
Now you tell me that this means I will never be allowed to post a single gif or link or silly picture? I can never get to trust level 3? In 2019?

A virtual lifetime sentenced to third class forum citizenry for a single offence executed by summary justice with no recourse to mitigation, no chance for rehabilitation?
Pitiable. Laughable. Outrageous.

There is an oil-rich country I am not allowed to mention here, one of the richest countries in the World where they still chop a hand off for the theft of bread.
This forum has a far less tolerant set of rules than they have there.
In anticipation of the “quit crying you SJW snowflake” themed comments,
I say, get farming, grow a pear, go and practice your multiplication, learn to drive a golf cart, whatever.

I’m off to reddit. This place is dead to me.


(Cedrad) #2

The idea of not being able to post any links until you get certain trust level is stupid. Especialy if you consider the fact that you can easly put links into a code bracket and you can post it. Either by using `symbol or just puting new line and 4 spaces in front of it.

Or you can just put a space in the link like many do. Who came up with those trust levels if their limitations can be so easly bypassed.

(Jessicka) #3

I don’t even understand the whole trust level thing.

Can’t say I care much about it either. Doesn’t seem like an important thing, imo.

(Clergy) #4

I’m glad this happened to you

(Meristu) #5

They will be selling “Trust Level 3 Boost” soon, better prepare your wallets …

(Jito) #6

#ForeverTrustLevel2 #FeelsBadMan #JoinTheClub

(Punyelf) #7

I can see why they do it. But it was very annoying in the beginning, especially when we didn’t know how to do non clickable links to start with.

The easiest one has to be put in the URL, highlight it and then click the </> button. At least that way people can copy and paste/hightlight right click to see whatever it is.

(Jito) #8

Really? I can’t.
Make enough forum posts and you will inevitably take a wrong step. We’re humans, not saints.
That means that trust level 3 has an unknown end date for everyone. First mistake and you lose it for good, whether you had it or not to begin with.
And everyone will make a mistake at some point.
Not a very benevolent system. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This isnt true i know 2 people who have got it after forum holidays so there is hope :stuck_out_tongue:

(Uldurin) #10

I don’t even know when i became trust level 3 and why i have it :thinking:

(Punyelf) #11

Because if every troll that comes on these forums could spam the hell out of it with HUGE pictures, gifs etc then it would prove disruptive.

We have a number of posters on trust level 3 now. I would have hit it myself but obviously becoming MVP bypassed that.

Granted if it worked differently and everyone could post URLs without them appearing as images etc then it wouldn’t be as big an issue.

(Jito) #12

I agree. But you still have to work your way up to level 3 first. And if you do violate the code of conduct it’s also fair that you lose the privilege of trust level 3.

It just seems a bit extreme that making any violation of the code of conduct, small or big, before or after you’ve reached level 3, makes you lose that privilege …permanently.

That’s pretty harsh.

And it’s not really written anywhere. It’s like: “Violate the rules and you get a suspension.” But what’s left unsaid is: “And you also lose the ability to access certain functionality on the forums for all time.”

Talk about condemnation. :neutral_face:


it isn’t just these forums, the whole internet is being sanitised, a sign of the times as they say, the latest as i’m sure you’ve heard on the news is picture and keyword recognition being used to remove self harm images to save us from ourselves and so on…
…under rug swept?..:confused::frowning_face::worried:

(Uldurin) #14

Wait are you saying you want those kinds of pictures to be shown?


it’s ok…i don’t really understand me either…:slight_smile:
i’d just rather they did the right things for the right reasons rather than push the problem to someone else, or somewhere else.

(Uldurin) #16

I’m not, i guess i didn’t understand you point, didn’t mean to offend :hugs:

(Goresh) #17

I’ll be stuck on Level 2 for ever.

  • Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days
  • Read 500 Topics created in the last 100 Days
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days

So I have to reach 5 new topics and average reading 200 posts a day … everyday. Even after level 3 is reached you need to maintain standards otherwise you can drop back to level 2.

(Khareal) #18

I got once banned for 3 days I think for something extremely minor. I didnt even think it was considered trolling or “flame baiting” or whatever it was in the blizz email.

I did make a thread wondering the exact same thing as this thread back then. The ban happened BEFORE this new forum came so im kind of hoping old offenses arent counted. Not sure.

Anyway… literally been using blizz forums since I first posted in warcraft3 forums a long time ago. No offenses for at least decade(s?) (im not even sure). Then one short first time ban for something I didnt even realize was a bannable offense. I’m forever stained with it, it seems?

Blizz forum systems are harsh. Its also automated, I hear. Get enough reports and you can remove trust level 3 from anyone(?).

(Ishayu) #19

Trust level 2 has the ability to post links as well, doesn’t it? But to a limited number of sites.

I guess just expanding the list of trusted sites would do the trick.

I agree with the OP that keeping someone from posting any links for a super minor infraction, like quoting someone else swearing and then bleeping it, is pretty ridiculous. OTOH, if the infraction is posting a link to pirated software or a virus, then it’s entirely appropriate.

(Punyelf) #20

There is some automation as well but those temporary bans have to be upheld I believe. They are subject to review by a moderator. Not all of those hold up even though you are temporarily unable to post while it’s sorted.

And yes level 2 can post from Blizz’s trusted sites.