Forum Trust Level 3

(Ishayu) #21

Ah, alright. Thanks for the info. Didn’t know they had automatic banning.

Do you actually happen to know what sites are allowed for a lvl 2? I literally have no idea, but from my limited experience, the list is rather short.

(Punyelf) #22

I’m not entirely sure but I think wowhead, ironically some of the blizz stuff isn’t approved. Most of the stuff we’ve discovered by trial and error xD


(Goresh) #24

I found this guide stapled at the top - Blizzard, YouTube and Twitch are on the list

(Ishayu) #25

Yeah exactly!

I’m actually not a big fan of allowing WoWHead. They have waaaaay too many advertisements with malware targeted at WoW players.


Well, I will remain on trust level 2 too. But frankly you don’t really need it cause you have still the ability to send link to the source. The system is stupid is stupid but I don’t think that they will change anything on it.

(Poly) #27

You should be able to re-earn it. But the more punishments you receive, the harder it becomes. With eventually becoming impossible to re-earn.


Where do I see my trust level

(Punyelf) #29

Yeah that is the guide I usually link but we know not all blizz stuff works. Hence I said it’s trial and error xD.

It’s still a great guide. Thank you for the reminder. I clearly haven’t had enough coffee today.

(Uldurin) #30

You are trust level 2 :wink:

(Punyelf) #31

Here :slight_smile:

(Uldurin) #32

It’s such a weird and awkward way to check the trust level, they should just show it on the profile :thinking:


I assume this should link me to another site than this one?

(Punyelf) #34

I agree it should be on profiles but they aren’t :frowning:

(Punyelf) #35

That is how the data appears. I can show you mine xD

Just search for trust and it will show you a number you are at. So every time you gain, you get another line of trust level.


i cant see mine either :frowning:


Oh that makes sense, I thought it would link me to my profile instead or something and you don’t have to actually search in the code for your trust level…

Thanks though

(Nefaryas) #38

Try this link

User made but it is safe and it’s an easier way to check.

Would link it properly but I laughed at the WM 400ilvl quest and lost TL3.

(Uldurin) #39

For some reason your profile shows as hidden, what are you hiding :thinking:

(Punyelf) #40

I can’t get yours to work either hon :frowning: