FPS spikes with pet out

First of all I’ll repeat the last edit from the former post:

This next bit did NOT help but I missed a few things that weren’t saved on the pc which were macros and the chat settings so I did a full reset of those for testing. Because why not test as much as possible.
Does anyone know of other settings that are saved online that I can reset fully for testing purposes? Probably going to friends place in the weekend for that test.

With that said the test at my friends place didn’t make a difference. Not on my laptop, neither on his pc. This surprises me because it doesn’t sound like many people have this issue, but I have it everywhere (so far).

I need new ideas. Maybe I should test the warlock pet or water elemental for the same issue. Are they even affected by stats in the same way. They should be somehow affected by stats.
If I cannot replicate any fps spikes on those classes/pets it would be linked to the hunter pet. Why is Blizzard not saying anything to this at all? Perhaps more people need to speak up about this issue if they have it. Some might not have made the link between the pet/stats and the fps spikes.

Minor testing with equipping/unequipping gear while having a pet out revealed small delayed fps spikes as well. Items do change your stats after all so no surprise there at all,

How hard is this issue to understand? It seems to quite obviously have something to do with every time a pets stats get updated, whatever the cooldown is on that since that clearly has an internal cooldown as well. Can someone from Blizzard tell me they have an idea of this issue, or are actually looking at it?

I’m confused because I still haven’t heard anything since the first response.
I feel like I have to write a new forum post where I just copy paste in all the useful information so I might get just a little attention and perhaps even an answer that the issues is well known and being worked on.

AT LEAST Marksmanship is a decent spec atm.

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I gave up on trying to fix this issue long time ago. It feels like there are too few hunters suffering with this bug to draw Blizzard attention. I will put up a list of things i know.

  1. This issue is strictly hunter pet related. My warlock is doing fine and i have no laggs while im using marksman specialization and no pet.
  2. Everything was working fine before “Tides of vengence” update hit live servers.
  3. When i was working with game masters on solving this issue, i have tried:
    -updating my system, BIOS, motherboard and video drivers.
    -checking my system, memory and hard drive.
    -turning off or on of different overcloking options for CPU and videcard.
    Nothing of things listed above had any effect. My PC is working fine. Last thing we tried was game master using my account to check my hunters. He or her had no lags present.
  4. I have tried to switch between windows 7 and widows 10 to check if it is directx issue. But it didnt work either.

I cant be sure what causing these lags. I know they are probably hardware related and i think they are connected to this new multi-threading CPU feature introduced in “Tides of vengence” update. Blizzard claims it doesnt affect directX 9 users, but im not so sure anymore.


Sooo… I just did my weekly last minute arena conquest cap as survival and you cannot imagine how spikey it was if you don’t play with this bug yourself.

I mean. I’m not going to talk about the pet this time though. I noticed something different this time. Inside and outside of arena. This fps spike does not require a pet.
Using Feign Death.
Yep and it’s a big spike as well. ½-1 sec I’d say.

Now even more interesting about Feign Death is that the spike occurs when using it AND when getting back up (removing the buff).

Also this bug does not usually happen in raids as MM as far as I remember but this time around in open world it also spiked as MM.

I mean come on guys.

I wanted to comment a little on the post from Трайгон as well.
I wanted to comment on the third point he made about testing several hardware or software related updates or what not.

Repeating what I said in a former post, I’ve tested it on 3 different pc’s. I just haven’t tested a different account although WHY would that ever matter. But since Blizzard is unable to say anything on this I continue doing their job for them (it seems) and hope that one day there’ll be an acknowledgement of this bug.

I’m truly disappointed in the customer support on such a huge issue.

I gave up talking about this


Yep this bug is still there on BM Hunter. Addons have no effect on this bug.

Whenever you gain or lose any type of stat buff/aura there is a huge momentary dip in fps. Is there perhaps an issue with the game updating the pets stats dynamically or something?

It’s horrible to play in dungeons and raids, it’s just a stutter-fest. I don’t have any performance issues on any of my other characters.

If you take off your necklace your azerite traits cease to function and the stuttering goes away. (Obviously because you’re getting far less stat procs)

We need to all put bug reports in about the issue.

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As a quick follow up these client fps spikes are 100% caused by a pet/buff interaction as you can recreate them as Marksmanship too.

I mean Blizzard doesn’t give a flying fish about us few having it or… I’ll recreate the thread with copy pasting all info from here to get a response… It’s like they respond once and then their garbage system doesn’t make them reopen this thread I swear… will have to recreate somehow without wasting my own time so they might fix it one day…

I made a horrible typo in my frustration, don’t judge.

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Seems like we have same problem: Hunter: Lag Spikes when pets are out! - #2 by Kiemmaki

Again, seems like we have same problem: Hunter: Lag Spikes when pets are out! - #2 by Kiemmaki


And the patch didn’t fix it as you may have noticed. It will be fun to see how I will rip my hair out in a few days when the Ryzen 3900x arrives :cat:

^ With that said, what are you using. Am/was using Intels 3820.

So, this is a 7-8 months old issue and nothing’s been fixed. Probably , they know that BM hunter is really easy and they try to add some challenge by giving us those EPIC spikes . Funny part is that a GM told me that they already know the problem and they try to “fix” it but still waiting. Another funny thing is that those Blue Responses , spam the shame s%^t all the time and probably dont even read the whole problem (maybe they are bots?) . I know that they need to answer lots of topics but spamming things which dont solve a known problem then it’s a shame .

I hope that the customer support will read this .

It’s not a hardware, addon , settings, DX12, Windows issue. The pet causes the whole problem. From the time u call your pet ,u’re starting having all those spikes even if you’re in combat . Just fix it…and don’t let us re-make another topic like this in the next expansion. Respect us as customers…we’re not stupid as u think.

Still have this problem, i wanted to believe that the patch would somehow fix it, but nope … i even did a fresh re-install of windows, and it’s still happening, at this point, i doubt it will ever get fixed, just gotta play around it i guess, because we keep getting the standard reply " please do a full UI reset " blabla … IT’S NOT ADDONS.


same problem here…
have to reroll i guess


Same problem here.
I did full UI reset, reinstall and etc. Also tried to play on another lvl 110 hunter. There are some lag spikes, but not so often. Maybe it depends on number of spells,

This whole expansion gave us more fps drops and stuttering problems, im starting to feel that its not our problem but their potato servers, like when i open up something ui based my game freeze for 1/4 of a second but only on my priest…

Also getting this problem. I stopped playing around 9 months ago, was told it was a known issue back then. Started today, fresh windows, no addons, fresh wow and it instantly started when I logged in.

It is definitely a stat changing issue with the pet. A way to test it easily is to remove all your proc effect items(azerite, enchants, trinkets etc) and hit a target dummy with a ferocity pet out. You should see smooth gameplay, no stutters etc. Now cast bloodlust/primal rage, a second or 2 after you gain the effect you’ll get a stutter, now cancel the buff, another stutter.

Now imagine it with something like the Gigavolt trinket changing stats every 2 seconds in combination with Unstable flames which procs very often and a whole load of other enchants/azerite, buffs, debuffs etc and it becomes a mess in a raid or pvp environment

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This is still broken, huh.

Still broken, exactly the issue being described…


Same problem.

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still having this issue in dragonflight :smiley: gg blizz

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Necromancy may be fun in Diablo, but not in our forums.