Free Boosting with Boost Buddies

What is Boost Buddies?

Boost Buddies is a friendly community with its flaws offering to provide players who need help, the help they need, for nothing in return. Founded by Robin, and brought to life by our many wonderful volunteers.

BB is basically a community that helps for free, and with everything, within reason, conjuring tier three pieces, or bringing items back to the game is not one of our traits.

But we do pride ourselves in providing people with the following:


Our reason, or Robins vision is to bring back the social aspects, show the community that people do care, to provide those who need the help, attention, or social interaction without having to pay others.

There is no other reason behind it, or any foul intentions behind BB, we do this because we love helping others, we do not strive for power, fame, or shady deals under the table. We just want to help.

We are recruiting horde boosters, and alliance boosters.
We’re actively boosting alliance players, but need more horde volunteers to start horde services.

We are also looking for more people to boost!

So welcome to boost buddies, and thank you.
Discord: pyr5jGz

Note: We cannot prevent people from whispering community members asking them to go on their discords to pay for runs, or advertise their real life currency websites in whispers, you signed up for free help, therefore say no to anybody or anything that has to do with real life currency, or gold.


Good initiative , good luck
The name doesn’t sound good but does it matter ? :slight_smile:


Thank you for this comment!

You made the guy making the community reeeeeee for 10 minutes about the comment. GLORIOUS :smiley:


Stop triggering him, Yuli!

It’s not me u ape!

Then it must be Riri?

Nah it’s not me, wish it was though xD

Community creator wonders why you think the name isn’t good. Please never tell him <3

Your right the name isn’t that good just doesn’t sound right you know… like who’s buddies are they… but I guess your right doesn’t really matter at the end of the day


It’s kind of a weak name indeed. It’s another name in a million.

Edit: It would be a better name to call it “Report Magnet”

I don’t really get it, what’s your issue with the name?


It’s kind of uninspiring, you know? Like it’s made for people with 0 imagination

Okay, and if they’d come up with some fancy RP name you’d call it pretentious? It’s not that hard to get nitpicky about something like a name or title. Besides they’re not starting a business and trying to sell some product, so do they really need to tryhard here? The name gets the point across well enough.


I know. Robin’s just being triggered like hell because we troll him with his name. Great community though, :D.

“Beware, beware, the Buddies of Boost.”
“Beware,” I heard him cry.
His words carried upon a mythic breeze,
As he sank beneath Azerite.

Those blood-soaked shores of Free-e-hold,
Where pirates fought and died.
Harlan fell, and dropped his loot,
Because the Buddies blazed through.

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Is it a guild ooooorrr?

No its a community :slight_smile:

Whats the difference?

its different ppl on different servers that have joined the same discord server.

Ah ok. Fluff.