Free Character Moves Available for Firemaw

To where

To where

Can’t wait

Need to know

To where

The post in the US forum has more answers:

The Free Character Move service bypasses the 90-day cooldown. Additionally, using a Free Character Move never incurs a 90-day cooldown.

The 90-day cooldown only pertains to Paid Character Transfers.

There is not a cap [for the amount of chars you want to transfer].

They have also released a list of available servers for the transfers and it’s only a few servers you can transfer to, basically their “low” and “medium” servers.

But we’ll know more in a few hours. Just sad that we can’t get the same informations on the EU forum :/.

When can i transfer and how do i do that ?

Probably right after the servers are back, if not it probably will become available during the day.

You should have the option for free transfers after login on the server on your character screen somewhere and I think there was an option in the past at the queue window to move your characters.

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Its because that whenever blizzard in the past offered free migration to dead servers, not many actually moved there, and most of those that did hated to be on a dead server, so in view of past facts, why would anyone move to a dead server unless they want to be on a dead server, its just common sense to not move to a dead server, when so few will actually move there.


I’ve updated the original post in this thread.

Free Character Moves are now available:

From To
Firemaw Bloodfang
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Judgement

Could you not just open for all servers with a pop under 5k or 6K? - Was gonna move to a PVE server, FeelsBadMan

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Can’t wait for the shi!maw players to complain about these 3 servers

It’s a weird choice somehow, the only thing all 3 seem to have in common is that they are Alliance dominated, but while Judgement and Dragonfang are the 2 lowest servers, Bloodfang is on top of the medium servers, so they didn’t pick the 3 smallest ones.

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I left Dragonfang for a reason, horrible server.

Why did you leave Dragonfang? Because of the low population or was the community also bad? Usually small servers have a stronger community.

If I transfer off Firemaw for free do I get the 90 day cooldown?

I was part of a greedy guild (only guild that downed rag for some time) that didn’t value its guild members.

Oh yes, that’s one of the downsides of a small pop server if you have no real choices regarding guilds :/.

So, why would people expect OTHERS to move there, if you won’t move there yourself.


Yeah, just as I thought. Nobody from the Horde will move and a few PvE guilds from Alliance will go to Bloodfang to further boost the imbalance there. GG Blizz.

Well, this is disappointing if this is what they were “testing”. At least they included a somewhat viable realm in Bloodfang but I doubt this will knock more than a couple of hundred off the 3k queue.

Oh come on Blizzard! DAMN YOU.

Selecting three realms? Why not just let us pick ourselves as long as destination is not full? Nobody is going to use it now that you have picked three servers for us…

This solves nothing!

2 million people, 50/50 true ally horde, its epic pvp LOTR size battles every day in every zone at same time and the horde always wins becuse were horde nerd and then its best AH!!! Black lotus? Thats 20s a pop!! We have special design music from blizz too and then we have own server so we never have queueue we have highest pvp rank of all time and theres a rumor that all pro streamer secretly play here when they dont stream (swifty, kungen, nihilum raiders) we have kork battles its gnomes try to run from me and i one shot shadow ball them or death coil or send my imp on them and they die: reward: death and a /lol by kork

Edit: its noggenfogger


Buff warlocks plz

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