Free Character Moves Available for Firemaw

What exactly do you expect them to do? lmfao.
This is the only thing they can do, unless they forcefully drag people off.

Hey Blizzard, now that you acknowledged the issue, can you actually do something right for once? Close paid transfers TO firemaw until queues are down to 1h again for people without a level 60 on the server.

I’m not even asking for faction balanced related solutions anymore. You are unable to deliver more complex things anyways.

At this point all we can do is to hope that this doesn’t destroy the faction balance on this server.

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i bet you they will not close transfer to firemaw, gehennas, mograine and all the other full server. i bet you that they will screw over another server cause people from firemaw are starting to go to gehennas or mograine

Oh having re-read it, it looks like you’re going to be able to transfer to any server. That seems odd? This is an opportunity to help lower pop servers too.
And no doubt it will just lead to people filling up a different already-maxed-out server such as Gehennas or Mograine.

Come to Judgement (free cookie):


  • Low population with 0 queue
  • Easy to farm, prices in AH very low compared to high pop
  • very easy to level solo, no mob issues
  • Due to the size community is tight, GMs know each other so easy to set up stuff even between horde and allies like “let’s not mess up each other buffs when we go for speed runs”
  • Guilds cooperate in getting gate open mats
  • As a high end guild running 2 raids a week mains & alts with a 45min BWL clear time life is great.
  • Dedicated leveling guild (called the leveling guild :))


  • While leveling it is hard to get groups for instances, ppl resort to boosting
  • Hard to get parties for leveling quests sometimes 2-3 people in a zone
  • Not enough people for horde side
  • If you are not in a guild it can get lonely

It is ideal for PvE interested guilds that want to migrate as a team.


Why do some of you care about payed transfers to Firemaw?

You’re moving of the server. Right?

Ofc there’s people that are staying, ofc they care that the same thing will happen.
Or you just expect that half of the server will transfer?

Wait, are you not going to move yourself?

People are free to choose any realm they want to play on. That’s pretty important if you ask me.

Personally I choose Earthshaker. No queue and alliance slightly outnumber Horde for fun wpvp.

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No, just the ones who have a problem with the queue.

The rest will wait it out I’m sure. But I guess we’ll never hear from them since they’re content.

Are you going to transfer off firemaw, or do you expect everyone else to do it for you?

Uhh Blizzard, are you not going to lock factions on specific servers? Stonespine does NOT need more horde, we are 1500 alliance vs 3000 horde as it is.

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thank you 10char

In b4 virtually nobody transfers and the queue literally keeps growing :laughing:

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Well, I’ll definately take this chance and transfer. I hope the data on ironforge pro is accurate though, not many “balanced” realms left.

Mograine and Gehennas also got ques almost everyday now, allow transfers for people out of those two realms also then please ?

Some people might be leveling but not willing to pay to transfer out.

what is realm population like

Why would the alliance leave? We’re not doing too bad.

That’s my prediction tbh, why would anyone transfer after the last free transfer? That didn’t go too well for anyone who transferred to judgement or any of the other now virtually dead servers.

We need free character move in gehennas, tired of queues

Could you please tell us what realms you plan on offering to transfer too.
And please dont let it be only “dead” realms.

All these people are like “Don’t wanna transfer to dead realm, let’s hope other people on our realm do it instead”

But doesn’t want queues on their realm.
Good logic people :slight_smile: