Free Character Moves Coming for this Region - 20 September


If you’re not on the realm, why would you think it’s “dead”?
It’s not dead in the slightest. Has a very healthy population and wherever you go in the world it’s bustling with players.


So Gandling is pop medium in the afternoon, high at peak hours, no queues. Why allow people to move away from it? The server is good as is.


Earthshaker is healthy. Hope they abort xfers once it hits high on peak time.


Yeah. Im on Dragonfang and for me a bit difficult always to look groups for high level (~41lvl) quests


If you’ve read the forums a bit, there were many people complaining that they got seperated from friends during launch. This allows people to play together again without having to introduce paid transfers. I doubt many people of your realm will transfer is there isn no reason to, as you are saying.


I am so f**king salty right now, if i had known this would be happening i would have waited it out!!!


Thank you for your continued efforts to cut down queue times :+1: I know that right now you’re trying to even out realm populations and that that’s the purpose of the free character transfers currently being implemented.

Once the populations have evened out, however, I strongly urge you to consider implementing paid character transfers, if only for a limited time. Sure, there are concerns about fidelity to vanilla WoW, but there are still some of us whose real-life communities are scattered across realms, and I believe that right now solving this issue should take precedence over concerns of fidelity.

When Classic launched it was an impossible task coordinate with everyone of your real-life friends to get them to stay on the same realm. In my community, some waited patiently in queue on our agreed-upon realm while others broke away from the main group in favour of just picking up the game right now. Blizzard had already floated the idea of free character migrations, but because none of us knew exactly what this entailed, there was a sense of “we’ll play now and change realms later, when the Classic hype has died down”.

A lot of communities have been split by this, and I think a big contributor to this problem was the incremental roll-out of realms in the run-up to the launch. Paid transfers would solve these issues and would benefit players and Blizzard alike.

Please consider implementing paid character transfers in the not-too-distant future. Thank you.


Dear Blizzard, why this could not come before last Free migration?
It was only offered from 3 realms to move to one realm. So now all of our friends are totally done, on other realms which cant use char migration.

oh yea… to offer paid transfer… GJ Activision


We need more players at Ten-Storms.


…What? What’s your problem? Migration was offered to the same servers as it was now, so everyone can now migrate to the same server.


Because I know people there, combine that with other posters in this thread from that specific realm stating the same thing plus seperate posts, it makes no sense. Plus that realm is on Low even during peakhours.


It’s on high and / or medium at peak hours. You are clueless.


Ok well I guess me and the people from tenstorms posting in this thread are all wrong. Paid character transfers I guess so is the poster of this thread?


Half cry its dead, other half cry there are free transfer to this realm (others too)… People will never be happy realy


My problem are ppl as stupid as you are.

Migration was offered from Firemaw/Gehennas to earthshaker only
second round of migratio is Firemaw/Gehennas/Ashbringer to Earthshaker only.

2morrow you can migrate from almost all high realms to more realms, not just only one.

Firemaw Bloodfang
Firemaw Dragonfang
Firemaw Earthshaker
Firemaw Judgement

See my point? This is exactly what ppl wanted. But they could migrate only to one new realm, now when ppl are already migrated to low realms they offer us migration what every1 desired from very start, but its late since ppl are already somewhere else. And they cant migrate from Dragonfang to Earthshaker for example. Do you get it ?

EDIT: LUQA I am sorry for harsh first sentence, IRL got me, i dint handle it. Did not want to offend you .


I feel sorry for those people that had a working economy without exploits. Why Blizzard is doing this, is beyond me.

They try so hard to make people unhappy, it almost looks intended. I also don´t understand why you make a spanish realm, you split people more and more, what´s next?


Blizzard, I beg you, please, if god exists, please listen to us, please give us Paid transfers as well, please.


Simply not true

During prime time (evening and weekend) almost every day I log in to a MEDIUM or HIGH Ten Storms server. Never LOW unless maybe early morning and during work hours.

Alliance needs more people to even out the ratio between Horde and Alliance.

And on level 60’s it’s still a tad quiet, but a whole load of 30 to 50 are on their way. At level 40 I am still competing over quest mobs with large player groups every day.

It’s not a full server, but it is far from a dead one. So sure, come on over and reroll here! We have space. But it is a very healthy server population wise.

Just roll Alliance :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t mind the guys saying that we have population.
It’s dead. Go see for yourself.