Free Character Transfers -- 3 March


Since the introduction of the Faction Change service in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, we’ve received a lot of feedback from players currently playing on locked, single-faction realms. They would like to faction change and move to the other locked realm in their region.

We’ve just temporarily opened Free Character Transfers between the two most populated (locked) realms in each region:

Gehennas Firemaw
Firemaw Gehennas

Please be reminded that the Free Character Transfer service may be closed at any time, without notice.


Got some characters stuck on Golemagg that I would like to move to Firemaw, any chance on that happening ever?


Got some characters stuck on Golemagg that I would like to move to Firemaw, any chance on that happening ever?

This but on Thekal - which is a Wotlk born server that started dying out when they opened free transfers to Jin’do to balance out the amount of players. Think it ended with 2 relatively dead servers.


Gehennas is going to b well and truly screwed.


Finally, after wasting my 70 boost on the insane title at wrath launch, now I can bring over my original rogue xd

Thanks for this, got over my rogue, mage, paladin and warlock that were rotting away on Gehennas

Where is racechange kaivax?


Is there any chance to move from Razorfen to Everlook? Friends of mine started playing on Razorfen (Horde) and then we realised that we both play wotlk so they wanted to come to Everlook (Alliance) when Faction Change comes out, cause their guild died on Razorfen.
But Everlook doesnt allow the transfer even tho its not even “full” and both servers are “high” populated.

Please just merge more Servers. The Balance it totally out of control and needs some help from you


@Kaivax, can you please look into the situation on Thekal.

Let us move from Thekal (aka dying realm as a horde) to any Realm like Firemaw so i get to play with my friends instead of being forced to level from 1 naked all over just so i can play with my friends.

Thekal should of been saved way earlier sadly it’s populating is falling hard every week especially horde is just dying quickly over there.

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How about us who play on Gehennas already for ages and would like to have our alts here that are on other servers?? Mine are alliance (want to FC) and also on a locked monofaction pve wise server (Pyrewood).

Can you please open for all realms?? or even paid transfer???
Some of us have alts on other servers (mine are on Mograine) and we would love to get them to Firemaw where we moved our mains to before it became locked…
Seems rather unfair to open it up to some players but disregard the rest…
Back when you opened up free transfers and asked some of us to leave the most populated realms whilst Gehennas was unstable I moved all my alts that were locked out of Firemaw from Gehennas to a dead server to help as I am sure many others did… but now you are discriminating against those that helped by only letting those who left alts on an overpopulated server transfer to Firemaw???
Be fair to the player base and give the rest of us 48 hours to move our alts to Firemaw from any server or just open paid transfers :slight_smile: (please?)


Firstly, the Faction Change service allows players to switch their character’s faction from Alliance to Horde or vice versa. This service comes with a fee, and the character’s race, gender, and appearance may change accordingly. It’s a useful service for players who want to switch factions without losing their progress.

Secondly, Free Character Transfers allow players to move their characters from one realm to another. This service is typically offered when there is an imbalance in population between realms, causing long queue times or other issues. Players can take advantage of this service to move to a different realm with a better population balance.

In your case, it seems that Blizzard has temporarily opened Free Character Transfers between two locked, single-faction realms to address player feedback. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, I would recommend doing so as soon as possible before it is closed without notice.

I hope this information helps, and happy gaming!


Wanna move to firemaw and gehennas from Venoxis pls make it happend i wanna pay the 25$ aswell for it


What about feedback from players that play on locked servers and can’t bring their alts over from bigger servers? No feedback at all right?

The main goal of these locks was to reduce the size of the two biggest servers and now you allow people to go ham with free transfers between them? I’ve been waiting for 5 months to transfer from Firemaw to Earthshaker (paid even) where I already play regularly. Such a feature or removal of restrictions would be unheard of right? While you keep adding a bunch of new things to the game. Any idea how frustrating this is?

Every new update you give on this matter further contradicts the initial “goal” and any kind of plan or feedback is for some reason tabo.

9 EU realms are restricted for transfers, 3 of which show as “high” populated and one even “low”. 2 “high” servers are accepting free transfers. Out of the 7 “full” realms 5 are restricted. 2 “full” realms are accepting free transfers. Where is the logic in any of this? This isn’t data from 3rd party sites this is what YOUR game is showing.

Reguardless of that all, give us the option to transfer alts already (no feedback was give about this too right?). I’ve gave suggestions on how to do t his with already exsisting features so it’s minimal effort. Or at least for the love of WOTLK give some feedback to us on this so we can understand. Help us help you.


Thanks god now the Gehennas is not going to have a lot of people in it! It will still be a problem from someone that already has characters in Gehennas to bring his alt from an other realm here. I understand the sceptic behind that decission. Well played blizzard!!

Dude their free transfer will bring them more money than just open their transfer here. All those faction changes…

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The only thing that really is something ofa solution to anything is crossrealm grouping and warmodes for PvP.

Right now were stuck with something strange inbetween. With people not playing with their friends, or cant do world PvP.

I bet 90% of the big server people dont mind beeing on server X as long as they get to play with their friends.

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Next if you can add transfers to Firemaw for every realm would be great, thanks.



Could you enable some more layers to compensate for the lag this extra influx of players will bring to Gehennas? Dalaran is quite uncomfortable nowadays.

Thank you in advance.