Free Character Transfers -- 3 March

Blizzard are geniuses at making money, wish i was a share holder.

Thats really cool tnx.

Thank you blizzard for finally murdering PvE on Firemaw. Top guilds are moving to Gehennas and Firemaw isn’t going to get any in return.

I hope you enjoy the extra money coming in.


Please what did you expect? That those so hell bent in PvE would stay Alliance when they could become a Horde and move elsewhere?

single-faction realms

Then, why is possible transfer Horde char from Firemaw to Gehennas (same as Geh to Fire with ali char) ?
I think Blizz trying avoid this problem about single-faction realm.So then blizz wrote this article and tell to everyone “let’s gooo, come with your last horde character to single faction realm”

Firemaw Alliance are free transferring to Gehennas and buying a faction change.
I’m sure this is what you wanted Bli$$ard.


It should be also faction change.

Lets kill one server at a time. Hurr de durr. Although, now blizzard will get alot of money from faction change and then the rest of the alliance have to pay for transfer to either earthshaker or pyrewood village if they wanna continue on as alliance. Money everywhere.

So dead servers stay dead but you will let people free transfer between two 25k+ realms

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Many players left because is one-faction realm in “PvP realm” so then everybody play pve…
I’m not sure if someone from Ali in firemaw or Horde from Gehennas like solo person choice realm where will be solo player in oposite faction.
When was vanilla–>tbc classic or tbc → wotlk there everybody was splited to random realm, and nobody ask us.If we split randomly ppl from firemaw/gehenas we can probably save realms before next deing and we can make perfectly balance.

Thank you Blizzard for letting all PvE guilds and pugs from Firemaw to Gehennas. Great move, now everyone who wants to do PvE has to follow up because Numen and Progress have to compete with better racials. This will kill the Alliance side of Wotlk Classic. What you are doing is making Classic the same way as retail - one factioned.


Everyone knew what would happen with that announcement.

Gehennas will get queues again and then they offer free xfers off of gehennas to dead realms, repeating the cycle of nonsense just to milk all of you guys that follow like sheep.


only difference is that this time they won’t xfer off if they had any sense …

I am trying to transfer my characters over and i am getting

"Error. Please address these issues:

  • This character has the request service pending."

Edit. I fixed it if anyone else has the same issue as me. I had faction changed and needed to log into the server before it let me then use the transfer service.

Can I please pay to go from Firemaw to Earthshaker now? :slight_smile:

No, you cannot pay to go to Earthshaker. Now you are locked and instead of enjoying to play Alliance you have to suffer the dying realm. Worst move since letting Firemaw Hordes going to Gehennas.


idk what sense it makes to go mEgA-SeRvEr, legit why would you willingly sabotage what was left of firemaw and prolly alliance for that matter aswell? the decisions made from “blizzard” wotlk team is stunningly short termed and appalling to put it mildly.

so the history was monkey see monkey do with gehennas-ally to firemaw-ally, which left gehennas ally non-existant, and now people wanna reverse it and go horde? short term its good $$$ for the company, but long term its just draining and suffocating the player base till everyones had enough and quit.

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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to provide a quick update and give everyone a bit of notice that we will be closing down the free character moves from Firemaw to Gehennas this coming Tuesday, March 7th at 4:00 PM CET. If you have characters you’d still like to move, please do so as soon as you are able.

At this same time, we will also be unlocking Firemaw and lifting all transfer restrictions to this realm as we’ve seen a satisfactory number of total players leave to enable us to unlock the realm.

We will be leaving the Gehennas to Firemaw free moves open for a bit longer, but we may also close those down with little notice as well. Gehennas will remain locked for the time being.

Thank you!


99.999% sure one or multiple guys from those try hard guild know someone in blizzard and they harrased him for firemaw gehennas transfers
and that guy went to his superiors like ‘’ guys we can make s*** load of money if we do this ‘’
and the chaos started from there


This whole situation is just sad.

In TBC lots of alliance guilds moved from Mograine to Firemaw as the faction imbalance slowly became a problem. Slowly but surely our guild (maximum effort) was forced to move as well as there were almost no alliance left.

The same thing is happening now… Blizzard is making such poor choices for the community. There are already a couple top guilds moving to Gehennas (not to stay alliance, but of course to go Horde) so what you will have left is:

  • Gehennas, most likely with queue with an insane faction imbalance (almost all horde)
  • Firemaw, with now a weakened alliance player base where the player base will probably slowly diminish over time.

I remember when Blizzard announced Wotlk one of their top priorities was making sure faction imbalance was going to be fixed. Well that was a lie. It’s a joke how poorly this is being managed.

If they truly cared about fixing the faction imbalance they would remove racials from competitive play and have the server cap of players be higher.

These days most competitive and semi-hardcore players simply wanna be on the same server so I understand this is not easy for blizzard to fix.

However what they are doing here is making everything worse. There was quite a ‘healthy’ population on gehennas / firemaw (apart from the fact its only ally and only horde).