Free Character Transfers -- 3 March

They decimated Firemaw and exploited the wow players Fomo.

They will now enable transfers which I don’t know if anyone will take because Firemaw took such a large hit.

I don’t trust blizzard to ever make a good decision on this topic.

They have let the brain drain happen and Firemaw has lost many guilds and basically every high level pug.

Probably best if you jump now.


Never have I thought in these 5 months of waiting that Firemaw would unlock before Earthshaker… Blizzard doing the impossible and unnecessary happen. I have to laugh at this just to keep myself from crying :slight_smile:

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now the migration from Earthshake to Firemaw can start …

Salty firemaw discord admin because the gdkp’s wont pay you gold to get advertised on your channel?

You guys cucked firemaw so hard multiple times now, it’s unreal.

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thekal will.

No, just see the server I’ve been on since day one getting totally destroyed again by awful blizzard policy. But you do you champ.

Greed is the right word


You guys killed Firemaw Horde in 2 days because of the free transfer loophole.

With this weird decision you just killed Firemaw Alliance over the weekend. And probably broke Gehennas while doing it.

All foreseeable consequences that you’d have understood if you took a minute to speak to the the communities involved.


Congratulations on the cash injection for the first quarter of the year, got to keep those shareholders happy, with the added bonus of paid transfers to firemaw for any desperate alliance charcter stuck on a dead server, I truly hope you reach that target for Bobbys new yacht.

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I have 5 children and 2 wives, am I unable to transfer in 24 hours. Anyway you can delay it futher?

So much for friendship, sense of community and all that social stuff. Turns out none of that matters if you can have better DPS. Such is a quality of the community.

What about this
Blizzard thinks they fixed layering so it can handle many ppl
They want to merge all realms
They start by creating one big realm for each faction

U hardcore and don’t like that everyone is going horde? your problem. this game was not made competitive, there are differences, nobody cares

With the exception that one of the factions will be a small minority of wierdos that like to roleplay as Arthas.

Wrong. Everyone cares, hence so many people are leaving Firemaw for Gehennas. WoW classic is all about minmaxing an old game. Horde racials are better for pve, which is the main thing to do in this game, and are necessary for minmaxing.

The writing is on the wall for alliance players. If you wanna stay competitive, you should go horde. Some will say that racials only matter at top-end level. They are wrong. People go wherever the bigger crowd is, because this gives them access to content. If top guilds and best pugs and gdkps play horde, people will go horde. We’ve seen this in retail; we see this in classic.

And whilst we bemoan the unhappy fate of Firemaw, Blizzard are preparing the report for their “record first-quarter earnings since the dawn of time”.

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Race change when? :smiley:

Not sure who is worse here. Blizzard with their greed or the Casual and Semi HC Guilds that rushed after the sweaty tryhard Guilds and moved away from the server… As if losing the top 5-10 Guilds changes anything. They would never have joined “you” so why on Gods green earth would you move to a server where you will have to log from your phone again due to que…

As for Blizzard ? What to say, horrible company, same as always. Its super obvious why they are doing this.


If I transfer to Gehennas, can i change back to Firemaw without 30 day CD?

That would be awsome, but I dont think so sadly. Big risk with moving to Gehennas tbh. Think about all that queue time coming up, and all those GDKP runs overrunning normal SR’s runs. Makes my casual, laydback, no time schedual for raid, do it when fits me, pug heart cry😔 Blizz is messing up both server in one smack, GGBlizz.

And this guy gets it. It’s a freaking colab effort. Blizzard is to blame for giving a way but it’s players themselves who take it in the worst way possible.

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What was the purpose of this shenanigan move? move 50% of firemaw to Gehennas, cause who didnt see that coming… Next up, the mass exodus from the rest of the EU servers to Firemaw. leaving firemaw as it was 1 week ago, but Gehennas + the rest of the realms in an even worse state (Dead and full)