Free Character Transfers Available from Firemaw

This is not enough!
You need to delete servers to prevent people make character all over the field, you need to balance Allie vs Horde on a few, by you, selected servers.

1-2 normal
3 or so pvp servers, and thats it.
Open up free transfers from any server to a few chosen and force a A / H balance.

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Why can i still buy transfer to firemaw ? Isn’t this like shooting yourself in the foot ? Are all people that work on WOW Classic rejects from retail that were making azerite power and conduits and covenants and random legos ? If so , then i completly understand why is situation in classic as it is . I am glad you didn’t fire them , even those people cost you milions of players and lost revenue , but can you like , move them to king or activision ? Or is Blizzard seen in Acti-Blizz-King as a a special kid where you put all your most incompetent people to work and then in 6 years you realise what mistakes have they been making ?


It would suddenly drop to low pop. :wink:

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get us out of razorgore, nobody will want to voluntarily transfer to here, so atleast allow US to leave from this… we want to actually be able to play with people, not play single player…

we dont have to necessarily transfer to firemaw, but we would want to join servers that have atleast 3k players… razorgore is like 400 pop… this server is a ghost town, cant find any random HC group for ages

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Halp! let us free trans of Raz

So has replying to this thread helped? No? Oh dear.

Easy, by the time such server would be dead the Classic project would be over (probably at the end of Wrath Classic).

Literally what I was going to reply. I had the same experience while leveling and enjoying P1 on Gehennas-alliance. In the end, everyone moved away to Firemaw and I had no other choice but to move over to a populated and balanced English-speaking realm.

It’s your own doing and you need to solve it for Wrath. Currently there’s no incentive to move to one of the FCT realms, I’m sorry.

Imagine moving to a soon to be dead realm to pay for the transfer back to firemaw

How are there 4 layers at 2 in the morning and 4 layers at 19 on weekends when theres 8k que of people waiting for server …

Trying to invite people into 5s arena team and we have to go to stockades so we can even see each other

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Trick people to migrate to smaller servers then cash in when said players have to migrate again to a bigger server when the smaller server dies out. 10/10 business plan


Queue on Firemaw started today at 15:20ST. People logging in any time after 16:30ST are STILL not logged in right now 19:20ST. They have approximately 1000 players ahead of them.

Your response to this situation is cringe and delusional. Fix the servers already, jesus wept.


I am sick to death of this company how can u screw up so badly and not even want to spend a damn dime to fix the situation I know you can come on …


How big is the queue today?

Vote with your wallets and unsub. Imagine paying a monthly fee and the only option is 2 hour queues or empty servers.


Blizzard should understand by now that people are not leaving Firemaw, especially when there are only dead realms. If they are not soon solving this problem, i think Blizzard itself going to have the bigger problem, and that is people unsubscribing because of the longer and longer queues comming up.
No one wants to leave a high pop realm where u need few minutes to fill a 25 man raid to some junkie realm where you can barely do raids with your guild.


This transfer has been open for 3 months. Why are you advertizing for it now that Firemaw is in a different phase of the Sunwell Isle than other servers?

Firemaw-players are currently flooding Earthshaker with cheap epic gems, can you do something to stop that?

Stopping paid transfer from Earthshaker to Firemaw while the servers are in different phases will atleast solve some of that problem.

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Stopping transfers to Firemaw, period, from anywhere, would seem like the logical thing to do for anyone. Anyone but the greedy incompetent company Blizzard has turned into.

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I knew that would be happening haha. Just xfer some bad alt with bunch of cheap gems and make profit and then xfer back in a few months. Its funny people actually doing this but was predictable.

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Not neceesary to wait. After free transfer you can go back immeditately just pay. The transfer CD does not apply before or after free transfer.