Free Character Transfers Available from Firemaw

Is this all you can do after getting everyone here in the first place? You will destroy guilds this way.

About 50% of my guildies want to transfer due to the queues, if that happens and the guild disbands i will just quit!


Sunday eve, 4 layers like it is 24/7, 8pm uk time and a cool 160mins queue. What a great job Mr blizzard man.

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Wonder if those incompetent employees @Blizzard actually think that we believe their lies…

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After seeing the queues on a Sunday evening…After waiting in this queue for 2 hours with 1 more hour to go, I have decided to start playing another MMORPG while I wait for my queue.

And if I start to enjoy this game, I will remain there and never come back. Your super genius plans to make money off paid transfers has backfired hard. You’ve lost long term gains for short term ones.

You will lose everyone when a next gen mmo rpg comes out. Trust me. You should have looked after us man. You destroyed what we love.


If they cared, they would just merge all servers and have two PVP’s and two PVE’s. Maybe even three of each. I would love for it to be just 1 pvp and 1 pve but I think there is an overall faction imbalance which would make it impossible. But they could offer free faction transfers with benefits to counter act this.

Any good tips?

I figured I’d give GW2 a try.

Yea, been thinking about that one too lately.

(Sorry bout that. Now back on topic again :smile:)

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It’s ok, I just cancelled all 4 accounts. Bye bye Blizzard. I will never buy a blizzard game again.


Just disallow transfers forever to every server with the label “full” population, give free transfers away from dead factions and merge/delete/connect all dead realms in a way that makes sense based on your data that isn’t public sadly.

I’ve updated the original post here to include 8 additional realms, which are now available as destinations from Firemaw.

Any player with characters on Firemaw can move to the following realms for free:

  • Amnennar
  • Ashbringer
  • Auberdine
  • Chromie
  • Earthshaker
  • Everlook
  • Golemagg
  • Lakeshire
  • Mandokir
  • Mirage Raceway
  • Mograine
  • Nethergarde Keep
  • Patchwerk
  • Pyrewood Village
  • Razorfen
  • Razorgore
  • Sulfuron
  • Transcendence
  • Venoxis

As always, we encourage players on Firemaw to alleviate the population issue by transferring to one of those realms.

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A player on a full pvp realm shouldn’t be forced to choose between dead servers or pve ones. Why isn’t the solution to connect dead realms, so they seem attractive to move to? It just seems lame to so obviousely trying to squeeze out more paid transfers in the future. There are also people on 99% horde servers who play alliance. What about those? I was hoping for a real solution to fix dead servers like it was done in shadowlands, not this obvious trojan horse.



As of about 20 minutes ago, it is no longer possible to transfer to Firemaw, and it is no longer possible to make a character on Firemaw if you do not already have a character on Firemaw.


What about those layers fren ?


Why is this a thing just now?
Should’ve been implemented AGES ago.
Blizzard had the statistics, why not do it sooner?
Oh wait, Blizzard doesn’t care lol.


But now there will be no new players for Berny to gank.

Berny gonna grief everything now.


Wow, that was a fast response from the initial post.

If only dead realms would have gotten the same speedy treatment…


Uhm, does this realm even exist?



So instead of choosing one destination realm, so people know they ain’t moving to a dead realm, another “let’s show our CEO we do something” without even trying…