Free Character Transfers Available from Firemaw

There’s only one option for alliance to transfer towards now.
That’ll be Earthshaker.
All the refugees will start pouring into it.
Provided that Blizzard actually provides free transfers to dead realms.
Razorgore still has not got free transfers… it’s like super dead lol.
0 alliance, but I can’t transfer my alts over.

This will end badly xD

rolling on the floor laughing haha xD

Should be the russian pve server

If you get info from sources like ironforge - a lot of people don’t know about them and those will get r**ed by the “offering”, hating the game on a dead / other-faction realm.

Having to pay for migration to e.g. ES, with half of their friends as others will just say “cba” and unsub.

Well atleast the queues cant get bigger now…

“Hold me beer” gif :slight_smile:

nice one dude, only locking it AFTER everyone and their mother already spent money on transferring :slightly_smiling_face: bobby taught you guys well


Now ban everyone who transfered to Firemaw in the last 6 month or send them back! Problem solved.

It can though, former Firemaw players can return for wotlk.(Inactive firemaw players from classic/tbc who quit early on)

Lol imagine moving on to play on a dead or unbalanced realm.

You guys need to sort this thing quickly. Remember, wotlk is near and with it comes Wintergrasp. If you screw the population for a certain realm, poor folks there will never touch VoA.

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Rofl so instead of decreasing the number of available servers to transfer to to only a few well selected ones, to make people move to the same ones rather than scatter them all over a hole host of dead ones, you actually open up 8 more servers… :rofl:


Maybe time to merge servers? merging gehennas and earthshaker into one server would be perfect for example, as ES is 99% ally and Gehennas is 99% horde?


yes, that would make a perfect 20/80 server


Isnt it like 5-6k people on each server tho? or im totally misstaken?

i mean worst case throw in a third server and just merge. We dont need 50 servers where 2-3 servers are actually decent in population and ratio btw ally and horde

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Good joke lel. 18k horde on Gehennas - You would almost need the entire Alliance population of europe (except Firemaw) to make up for that :rofl:


Honestly this should have been a thing from the start … its ok to have more servers to spread out the people, but the moment server becomes onesided or goes below certain pop, booom merge …

Blizz had 15 years + since vanilla classic to figure out this problem, but eh who cares when you get money from that …


So you want to corner players into choosing either to play on a server that has one or both factions dead OR to switch from a pvp server to a pve server… Next time get the first aid kit a little faster.


you hit the nail on the head

imagine if you still trusted blizzard, transfered while population was decent , and then after a mass exodus you are in an unbalanced server and cant even come back to firemaw…I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who does the transfer…in fact i found a few people who were taking the transfer…very sad…they will most likely unsub after having their game ruined.

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