Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Flamelash! pls. From what I could research it has around 300 players on the server. atleast do some kind of cross realm.

@All: All of these options have only one obvious ground: The SOURCE realm is overcrowded. The target realms simply have space… or in the case of the PvE FCM, the target is a bit less crowded.

From what data is publically available, Firemaw is just slightly overpopulated on Alliance, but transfers are Horde only?

I’m a bit worried this’ll destroy the realm.

Only 3 pve servers. Nowhere else to put them.

@Nakrath: Would you mind linking your source(s)?

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Keep them where they are or allow horde to transfer too. Don’t mess up our server. Or allow transfer to a pvp server which needs alliance

This must be a out of season april fools joke, Stonespine is literaly dead on ally side.

the problem is that people intentionally choose the full server , they are not gonna transfer to a dead realm.


Server population EU Firemaw

Hope I don’t get banned for ‘circumventing links’ tho this isn’t technically a link anymore.

Please open transfers to more servers. Id like a slighty higher pop/balanced realm than TS or Stonespine. This shaman is on Gehennas.

@Nakrath: Thank you! I suspected that… There is just one fairly major problem…

" This is data before TBC pre-patch release, after one reset data will be split by The Burning Crusade Classic, Classic Era servers and Classic archive"

“Data for week starting from 10 May 2021”

In other words, your source is currently not even remotely up-to-date and even when it works, it only tracks raiders, which reduces its’ usefulness as not everyone raids.

Its quite frustrating blizzard leaving stonesspine with 50 alliance players in total. AH doesn’t work due to no market to sell items. Dungeons can’t be run due to lack of people. And blizzard is stacking the server with even more hordes? why does blizzard want me to pay for a game that does not work as intended and making it worse?

Like I said, from what information is publically available. I never claimed this to be accurate but it’s the best we have and fairly representful actually.

This data is from raiders from a few weeks back but I cannot possibly imagine that after 2 years of stable, nearly identical population balance, it suddenly in 3 weeks shifted to a huge horde majority.

@Nakrath: I just wanted to make sure you were fully aware of the current situation.

As for your latter conclusion… Launches always unstabilize things… and as you most likely recall, Firemaw was very big during Classic launch. A return of large number of people may have severely altered the current overall balance. After all, we have to keep in mind that PvP realms tend to be horde dominated, when we talk about total populations.

Of course, I am only generalizing, but Blizzard action decisions seem to support that train of thought. We, myself included, could be severely in the dark as far as real numbers are concerned. I would really love to see Blizzard internal data, but unfortunately that is not possible… :confused:

Some ally players from Gehennas said that they can transfer to Ten Storms for free too. So why does it state horde only?


Hi! I play WoW TBC Classic and I have my most played characters on the Alliance side of the Ten Storms realm, which is officialy dead now. For this reason I transfered out one of my characters into a viable realm (Zandalar Tribe) using a paid transfer.

Now to my huge surprise some realms received free character transfers earlier this week, for their Horde side only, into Ten Storms.
Why are for example not all the characters in the Ten Storms receiving transfers instead?
I understand that people not being able to play because their login queus are gigantic might be more of a priority than people not being able to play their characters anymore as there is no one left to play the game with.

But logically players who are stuck in login queus are not going to chose transfering into a dying very low population realm over their unfortunate long login queus. Simply because they chose a high pop realm over a medium/low pop before, this will not change their point of view.

So what are the chances that people stuck on empty realms receive free transfers to their new realms instead?

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I’m no Blue, but … won’t happen and I’m glad they will not open any new servers. The current servers are more then OK in terms of population, balance, etc.

Please add slightly high pop realms like Earthshaker/Golemagg or more medium pop realms other than Stonespine/TS for Gehennas players.

I’d advise you to be cautious with all the “won’t happen” expressions. Tons of people use them and up regretting it. What will you do if it happens, except whine about it? :smiley:

nb: you’re one of those guys who don’t want it to happen because you don’t want your server to lose population, I know your type.


Sadly it wont happen. Why? Because you paid for transfer and they expect every remaining player in those dead servers to do the same. There is no point for them to put effort in solving dead realms situation, when it wont give any benefit to blizz, but instead make less ppl to buy transfers.

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