Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Update June 11 5:00 p.m. PDT

In this region, all Free Character Transfers will be closed at 20:00 CEST on Tuesday, June 15.

If you’ve been planning to make use of the Free Character Transfer service, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

We’ve opened the Free Character Transfer service to players on some realms in this region. Free Character Transfers are now available:

From To Faction Restriction
Gehennas Stonespine Horde only
Gehennas Ten Storms Horde only
Pyrewood Village Nethergarde Keep Alliance only
Firemaw Bloodfang Horde only

Please note:

  • You cannot transfer a character who:
    • is the leader of a guild.
    • has items up for auction.
    • has in-game mail messages.
  • You may have to change the character’s name after the transfer.
  • You cannot transfer a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction.
  • The transfer of a character is a final decision once initiated, and cannot be undone. Blizzard Customer Service cannot adjust or reverse the character transfer process.

During times when servers are very busy, free character transfers can take up to several hours.

As always, we will monitor the number of characters moved and the populations on the realms above and close free transfers if necessary. We encourage players who wish to move to do so as soon as possible, as this service may be closed without notice.

We’ll update this thread with any planned changes or closures as soon as they are finalized.

Thank you!


Surely if you want people to move off the realms that are so ridiculously congested (like Gehennas) it would be wiser to give them a larger destination choice to increase the appeal of the service?

This is far too restrictive.


Hoping for new pve server (wont be fresh one, just new).


pls consider temporary offer to faction change so people on horde dont need to sit in 30 minute Battleground queues!

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Surely the point is to get people OFF larger population realms, why would they offer transfers to another?


Please give us an answer regarding fresh TBC servers, we’ve been asking for a blue post for months.


Larger as in; more places to port to.

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I’m just wondering is there an mistake for from Gehennas to Stonespine being horde only as Stonespine is currently very close to 100% horde server?


Ten Storms is 99% Horde why on earth are you sending more Horde over there?? Shouldnt you send alliance to that realm instead to balance it out??


Yes asking the real questions here! I came back to this Ten Storms (alliance side) and it’s the worst social experience I ever had in wow. Everything is abandoned, /who in stormwind resulted in 5 hits including me and the friend who played on this server. And the solution is to transfer more horde in!?


so that the 20 alliance that transfer over will have a miserable time?

no i think blizzard made the right decision, its obvious that players want to join servers where their faction is outnumbering the other side. nobody cares about faction balance otherwise we wouldnt have this problem in the first place.

I’m ok with that, but at least give us poor alliance players a free transfer elsewhere. If they want to make it a 100% horde population I have no problem with that, but the alliance side is miserable atm.


Was wondering the same thing.

Maybe they are planning to merge 100% horde and 100% alliance servers in future once they have fixed overpopulated servers hopefully…?

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Flamelash guys, flamelash…


TEN STORMS Forever!! <3 <3

There are like 17 Horde in total on Nethergarde Keep, maybe 18 now with TBC launch - and you are only allowing Alliance to transfer there ? Wut ?

Well im not interested in moving to any of those servers so why not remove the 90-day transfer cooldown? like reset it so i can move wherever i want by paying (i used my transfer 1 month ago and i want to move again), that should be an option too.

Lol, i think same. Ten storms ally side is completely dead. Its just horrible experience to play now. I hope blizz will make some actions soon, otherwise there wont be anything to save. Situation is pretty much similar to classic era servers - we need actions now!!!


Nethergarde Keep aleeady has more alliance than horde by a long way. When I was leveling it was dreani shamans everywhere taking all the quest mobs. Why are you artificially pumping more alliance only into NGK and not giving us horde too for balance? Is faction balance on PWV more important?